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Expense Manager Expense Manager Expense Manager Expense Manager Expense Manager Expense Manager

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Fynse - Expense Manager is a free application for Android with NO ads.
Fynse - Expense Manager is the place to track all your incomes and expenses. This will help you understand your finance, gain control over it, save smartly and plan to realize the dreams close to your heart! Free personal finance manager, expense and income tracker application that enables to take better control of your finance.
★ Creating an Fynse - Expense Manager account and syncing is completely FREE ★
-- Standard Features --
★ Widget: To add expense quickly and directly from home screen.
★ Voice support: You can speak to Fynse to add expanse and income.
★ Daily reminder
★ Sync preference only over WiFi to save mobile internet
★ Track expenses and incomes
★ Set up repeating expenses and incomes
★ Export your expense reports into PDF and Excel
★ Track spending and make budgets for specific tags
★ Compare the rate of your spending with the time of the month
★ One-time budget, daily budget, weekly budget, monthly budget, yearly budget
★ Sync to could in real-time
★ Access your account online from anywhere on http://www.fynse.com/
★ Never Lose Track of Your Money - Fynse makes it very easy to track your incomes and expenses. Enter the amount and tags, click save, and you are done! We suggest tags based on your previous entries to make it easy for you. You can enter incomes and expenses only once and set repeat as often as you want. We have and will come up with many more easy ways to add incomes and expenses, just for you.
★ Incomes and Expenses in Graph View - Your incomes and expenses are presented in the form of different graphs and pie charts, to make it easy for you to understand. Also, you can sort your entries either by date or by tags.
★ Monthly Budgets - Setting budgets will help you save your money by planning your expenses. You can set budget for your expenses and control before it’s too late.
★ Secure and Private - Your data and personal information are encrypted and safe. You have an option to delete all your data completely from the database. Fynse never discloses your data and personal information to anyone!
★ Export Report - You can export your income and expense data in PDF and Microsoft Office Excel document, and do more filtering and calculation. Also, you can choose to export all your income and expense data or only some of it.
Fynse Expense Manager track your money and save money with Fynse. Fynse can be used as Expense Manager, My Budget Book, Easy Money, Daily Money, Budget book, Money Manager and Expense tracker.
Fynse - 费用管理器是Android的一个免费的应用程序,没有广告。
Fynse - 费用管理是跟踪你所有的收入和支出的地方。这将帮助你了解你的财务,对其进行控制,巧妙地保存,并计划实现接近你的心脏的梦想!免费个人理财经理,费用和收入跟踪应用程序,使采取更好的控制你的财政。
★创建Fynse - 费用Manager帐户和同步是完全免费★
- 标准特点 -
★永远不要失去你的钱轨道 - Fynse可以很容易地跟踪您的收入和支出。输入金额和标签,点击保存,就大功告成了!我们建议标签根据您以前的项目,以使它为你方便。您可以输入收入和支出只有一次,设置重复,你想要的频率。我们已经并将拿出更多的简单的方法来增加收入和费用,只为你。
★收入与消费支出在图形视图 - 你的收入和开支均在不同的图表和饼状图的形式,很容易让你明白。此外,您还可以按日期或标签的条目进行排序。
★每月预算 - 设置预算将帮助您规划您的费用节省你的钱。您可以设置预算,你的开支和控制之前,为时已晚。
★安全和私密 - 您的数据和个人信息进行加密和安全。您可以选择从数据库中完全删除所有数据。 Fynse不泄露您的数据和个人信息提供给任何人!
★出口报告 - 您可以导出你的收入和PDF格式和Microsoft Office Excel文档支出数据,并做更多的过滤和计算。此外,您还可以选择导出所有的收入和支出数据,或只是它的一些。
Fynse支出经理跟踪你的钱,节省钱Fynse。 Fynse可以作为支出管理,我的预算书,轻松赚钱,每日钱,预算书,理财经理和费用跟踪。

Expense Manager 更新内容

All new look and enhanced functionality. All transactions are categorized and well organized. Enjoy your finance and track your money!

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效率办公 金融理财
Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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