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Marble Droid Lite

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Marble Droid Lite Marble Droid Lite Marble Droid Lite Marble Droid Lite Marble Droid Lite Marble Droid Lite

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The Best Full 3D Marble Platformer on Android Market
Pilot your Marble bound for Droid glory! Amazing 3D graphics and colorful playgrounds await you! Use your phone's tilt sensor or onscreen joysticks to navigate through Easy, Medium and Hard tiers to find out what a Marble on Android can do! Great for all ages! Casual and Hardcore gamers alike! Hours of gameplay, unlockable content and plans for more content in the form of new levels!
If you enjoy this lite version you can get the FULL version of Marble Droid for only $1.99 to remove ads and gain access to openfeint online leaderboards and acheivements!
TalkAndroid.com: "Marble Droid is one of those games you know you’re going to love before you actually play it. It costs $1.99 which is worth every penny, this game will give you hours and hours of fun."
Collect trophies to earn rewards and bonus content.
24 Amazing Full 3D Levels.
Over 20 Unlockable Marble Skins.
Openfeint Online Leaderboards and 20 Achievements.
Contact us on Facebook for hints and tips or visit our YouTube channel for in depth video walkthroughs.
Rate Marble Droid and send us feedback to help make the game better in future updates.
ACCELEROMETER: Tilt the phone in the direction you want to move your Marble. Change the orientation option to FLAT (phone level to the ground), or FACING (phone upright facing you). CAMERA: Touch the screen on the far left or far right to rotate the camera left or right. Touch the top center or bottom center of the screen to pivot the camera up and down. JUMP: Flick the phone to perform a jump.
JOYSTICKS: Use the left joystick to move your Marble and use the right joystick to rotate the camera. JUMP: Enable the Button option to use a button to jump. Enable the Flick option to use the phone flick to jump.
Main Menu - touch the left or right side of the screen to switch between menu options (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, EXTRAS)
Settings - Change music and sfx volume and customize your control settings.
Extras - Change your Marble in the Marble Skins section. Check out the credits. Launch the Openfeint Dashboard to view leaderboards and achievements. Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages. Rate Marble Droid on the Android Market.
Look up Zebralightning Studios on the Android Market for more great games!

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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