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Download mobile toolbox for your android. How amazing would it be if you could easily view & configure your Device, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS etc. related information and settings all through a single tool. Mobatool acquires control of all the key device niceties and frequently employed tasks and settings, acting as a Central Control Panel of your Android. It not only saves you a lot of clicks & time but keeps you well updated with your device’s common info, which you might not have ever noticed. Additionally, it can also use the GPS of your device to track your current location’s Latitude and Longitude. Want to look tech savvy? Use MOBA toolbox and mystify your friends with the techno look of this hi-fi gadget. Download this mobile toolbox for your android.

★BINARY CLOCK:1. The moving red lines on the display represent a true binary clock. Values for hours, minutes and seconds are shown in three separate panels from the left to the right 2. Red lines are binary places (as opposed to decimal places), each representing a power of two. From the top of the panel moving clockwise to the right, the lines stand for 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32, respectively, as shown in the screen above. The sum of the highlighted red lines gives the time value 3. To read the clock, add up the values of the highlighted red lines only, while the non-highlighted places should be ignored SYSTEM INFORMATION C: Device Total RAM in MB P = Application Peak Memory Usage U = Application Current Memory Usage Current Location: The current user location Network name: The name of the registered home network, or Offline USE IT AS SCREENSAVER
★DeviceReview all the device related info like: Operator, Phone Type, Country, Net Type, MSS+MNC, IMSI, IMEI etc. Moreover you could access the WIRELESS settings of your device straight from within Mobatool.
★BluetoothCheck the current status of your Bluetooth device and access the Bluetooth panel of your system to manage complete configuration.
★Wi-FiSee all the Wi-Fi device related details of your Android like: MAC, Link Speed, Netmask, Gateway, DHCP server etc and also access the Wi-Fi settings of your device. ★LocationMobatool also provides an additional option to track your current location utilizing the GPS of your device, displaying your current location in the form of LATITUDE & LONGITUDE with the accuracy of the tracked location.
★MOBATOOL WIDGETIn addition, Mobatool now also installs a Magnificent Binary clock widget to your android which you could easily access in your widget list once you’ve installed MOBATOOL. The widget acts as a very handy and attractive clock window appearing on the main widget screen Tags:Mobile ToolboxMobile utility and WidgetsWI-FI InformationWI FIwi-fiBluetooth informationBluetoothdevice informationmobile informationmobile toolmobile internet informationBinary Clock

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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