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Happy Holi Live Wallpaper下载

Happy Holi Live Wallpaper

Happy Holi Live Wallpaper

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Happy Holi Live Wallpaper 截图

Happy Holi Live Wallpaper Happy Holi Live Wallpaper Happy Holi Live Wallpaper Happy Holi Live Wallpaper Happy Holi Live Wallpaper Happy Holi Live Wallpaper

Happy Holi Live Wallpaper 描述

Holi is back and so are we,With some themes that will color your devices.

Colorful Gulaal and water balloons are driving people crazy. You cannot hide from them then how can your android device be. We brought to you amazing live wallpapers of Holi which consists of colorful flowers and water balloons. The wallpaper contains eight different themes like Ocean Blue or Hazy Sunshine. You can set the background of your device from any of the eight colorful themes along with an image of your choice. The image can be taken through your device camera or gallery.

You can choose style whether its flower or balloon. Flowers are calm which moves throughout your screen but balloons are naughty. They are filled with colored water and blasts on your screen. You can blast a balloon by touching it. Grab the application and start bursting balloons on your device.

1. Eight Colorful animated themes: The application gives you eight unique colorful animated themes which you can set according to your mood.
2. Customizable image selection: You are allowed to configure the background with your favorite image. The image can be taken through your device camera or you can select it from your device memory storage.
3. Configurable flower size in each theme: The flower design has configurable flower size which can be configured as per your wish.
4. Blasting Balloons: Water balloons keep on attacking your screen. You can also blast them by touching them else they will explode after hitting your screen.
5. Style Frequency: The speed of flowers and balloons can be configured by configuring the frames per second option, available in the settings tab.

How to Use:
Select settings in you device and go to personalize. Select wallpaper and then choose Live wallpapers. There you will find your newly downloaded Holi Live wallpaper. Select Holi Live wallpaper and apply it on your device. You can configure it according to your wish by using its settings button. Your device is ready with new Holi Live wallpaper.

A colorful and cheerful Holi to you and your Android.

Happy Holi
Happy Holi Live Wallpaper
Wish you very Happy Holi
Festival of colors
Holi Live Wallpaper
Live Wallpaper

Happy Holi Live Wallpaper 更新内容


Added Balloon settings.


fixed out of memory and also set speed of flowers and balloons according to number of flowers and balloons.

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Happy Holi Live Wallpaper 使用技巧

Happy Holi Live Wallpaper 信息

手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.1.0 以上

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