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Live Memories-Live Wallpaper

Live Memories-Live Wallpaper

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Live Memories-Live Wallpaper Live Memories-Live Wallpaper Live Memories-Live Wallpaper Live Memories-Live Wallpaper Live Memories-Live Wallpaper Live Memories-Live Wallpaper

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Play the most enchanting & heartiest of your reminiscences on android
“Live Memories” - An android live wallpaper that will play the heartiest of your reminiscences on the Android screen. Simply select the images for which you would like to create this magically crafted slideshow and transform your android to colorful cinemascope.
The application has magnificent frames to make your pictures look that much more special. With many configurable options you could completely configure the frequency and style of the wallpapers. The application merges your images with the frames very precisely making it look truly outstanding. Moreover, an additional option is provided to change the images with the Touch.
1.Show Single Image – Select this option if you wish to select a single image for your wallpaper
2.Select Folder – You could also select the complete folder of multiple images, so that your screen looks very much Dynamic and vibrant.
3.Show frame randomly – If you would like see the image frame picked automatically and randomly from the available options.
4.Select frame – Use this option if you would like to select only a single frame for all your images.
5.Enable Touch – You could enable this option if you wish to change the images on your screen with a a simple Tap. Just change the pictures at your will; it’s definitely a good way to keep yourself glued to your Android screens.
6.More from A3logics – Please try more of our fun & addictive apps by visiting us on Android Market.
7.Rate US- We really look forward to your feedbacks so please do not forget to drop in your ratings and comments for this as well as all our apps. Hope you have a really amusing experience with all our apps.
live Memories
Sweet Memories
Live wallpaper
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photo album live wallpaper
photo album wallpaper

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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