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Tehransit Radio

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Tehransit Radio Tehransit Radio Tehransit Radio Tehransit Radio Tehransit Radio Tehransit Radio

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Independent Iranian Music Radio. 100% Dambooli Free. This free application allows you to listen to Radio Tehransit on your phone whenever you feel like it and no matter where you are. Listen to the very best Persian music 24 hours a day. Radio Tehransit is a non-commercial, ad-free and talk-free radio station playing a large variety of the finest and latest Iranian music. Visit our site http://www.tehransit.com to learn more about us. FEATURES: * Unique radio channels programmed by real passionate channel directors. * Displaying the current tracks of all channels at once. * Showing the cover album or singer photo of the streaming music. * Streaming music in the background. * Allowing you to configure higher or lower stream bitrate preference for different channels * Showing the current song in the notifications to make the navigation easy. CHANNEL LIST: - 120BPM: House, Trance and Electro - PENTHOUSE: Today Hit Music - GARAGE: Rock and Alternative - CAFE TEHRANSIT: Jazz, Blues and Chanson - GRAMAPHONE: Golden Oldies - MICROPHONE: Urban Hip-Hop - GABBE: Fusion and New Age Love Tehransit? Please rate us a 5 star in the Android Market! Thanks for downloading

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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