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Chinese food need never be a once-a-week-restaurant treat again! Free mouth watering Chinese recipes, easy to follow & cook, Chinese cooking is simply rewarding!
Chinese cuisine is any of several styles originating in the regions of China, some of which have become highly popular in other parts of the world — from Asia to the Americas, Australia, Western Europe and Southern Africa. Where there are historical immigrant Chinese populations, the style of food has evolved – for example, American Chinese cuisine and Indian Chinese cuisine are prominent examples of Chinese cuisine that has been adapted to suit local palates. In recent years, connoisseurs of Chinese food have also sprouted in Eastern Europe and South Asia. The culinary Michelin Guide has also taken an interest in Chinese cuisine, establishing Hong Kong and Macao versions of its publication.
Some of the recipes are listed below:
*Chinese Soup Recipes
-Hot and Sour Soup
-Won Ton Soup
-Egg Drop Soup
-Cream Corn Soup
-Winter Melon Soup
-West Lake Beef Soup Recipe
-Watercress Soup With Seafood
-Bok Choy Chicken Soup
-Klang Bak Kut Teh
-Fish Ball Noodle Soup
-Chicken Feet & Peanuts Soup
-Steamed Chicken Herbal Soup
-Lotus Root Soup with Pork Ribs and Peanuts
-Winter Melon Soup with Pork Balls
-Snow Pear Soup
*Top Fall Recipes
-Harvest Muffins
-Garlic Egg Rolls
-Shrimp With Spicy Chinese Greens
-Shredded Stir fry Potatoes
-Okrahoma Stir Fry
-Pumpkin Congee
-Pork Chop Suey Recipe
-Sweet Chilli Sauce
-Glazed Carrots
-Candied Sweet Potatoes
*The Easiest Easy Chinese Recipes
-Fried Rice - a Basic Recipe for Fried Rice
-Quick and Easy Pineapple Fried Rice
-Blanched Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce - Gai Lan
-Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings
-Hawaiian Beef Stew - Hawaiian Chinese Recipes
-Chinese Black Sea Bass
-Chinese Chicken Salad
-Easy "Chinese" Crockpot Chicken
-Easy Oyster Sauce Chicken
-Pepper Steak
-Roast Chicken Recipe
-Cucumber Salad
-Almond Float
-Peanut Sauce - an Easy Dipping Sauce Recipe
-Chinese Chilled Melon Fruit Salad
-Steamed Pears
-Pina Colada Tofu Shake
-Hot Bananas in Coconut Milk
-Bananas With Cinnamon Coconut Sauce
-Chinese Almond Cookies
-Sesame Cookies
-Nian Gao - Baked Chinese New Year Cake
-5 Minute Baked Wonton Wrappers
-Five-spice Peanuts
-Spiced Nuts - Recipe For Spiced Nuts With Five-spice Powder
-Vegetarian Potstickers
-Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein With Ramen Noodles
-Sweet and Sour Pork Chops
-Kung Pao Chicken
-"Szechuan" Chicken
-Szechuan Noodles
-Stir-fry Beef With Three Vegetables
-Moo Shu Chicken Wraps
-Asparagus Salad - a Chinese Salad Recipe
Feel free to find more Chinese recipes!
*Easy Stir-fry Recipes
*Easy Chinese Steamer Recipes
*Easy Main Dishes
*Simple Side Dishes
*Easy Vegetarian Recipes
*Quick Desserts
*Seasonal Menus and Recipes
*Chinese-Style Fusion Recipes
*Dim Sum
*Popular Chinese Restaurant Dishes
*Classic Vegetarian Recipes
*More Advanced Chinese Recipes
*Traditional Chinese Holiday Food and Festival Overview
*Food in Chinese Culture
Features List:
- Added top 10 Recipes to Celebrate the Fall Harvest
- Added more popular Chinese recipes and more classic recipes.
- New UI and enhancement, support galaxy tablet now.
- Supported Android 4.1 and different device with any resolution.
- Supported multiple touch, "zoom out" to close the details page.
- Supported flinging left or right to switch the recipes category.
- Supported Narrator Reading.
- Integrated with a classic game for your relaxing time
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中国菜是任何几个款式原产于中国,其中一些已成为极受欢迎,在世界其他地区的地区 - 从亚洲到美洲,澳洲,西欧和南部非洲。哪里有历史中国移民人口,粮食的风格演变 - 例如,美国的中国菜和印度中国菜是已经调整,以适应当地口味的中国菜突出的例子。近年来,中国食品鉴赏家也萌生了在东欧和南亚。烹饪米其林指南也采取了有兴趣的中国菜,确立其出版的港澳版本。
- 酸辣汤
- 云吞汤
- 蛋花汤
- 奶油玉米汤
- 冬瓜汤
- 西湖牛肉汤食谱
- 西洋菜汤,海鲜
- 白菜鸡汤
- 巴生肉骨茶
- 鱼丸汤面
- 凤爪和花生汤
- 清蒸鸡草药汤
- 莲藕汤排骨和花生
- 冬瓜汤贡丸
- 嘉实松饼
- 虾辣中国绿党
- 丝煸炒土豆
- Okrahoma翻炒
- 南瓜粥
- 猪肉杂碎食谱
- 糖心甜土豆
- 炒饭 - 基本配方为炒饭
- 快速和简便的菠萝炒饭
- 脱皮中国西兰花蚝油 - 溉澜
- 焗海鲜酱鸡翅
- 夏威夷炖牛肉 - 夏威夷中国食谱
- 中国黑海低音
- 中国鸡肉沙拉
- 轻松“中国人”的crockpot鸡
- 胡椒牛排
- 烤鸡配方
- 黄瓜沙拉
- 杏仁浮动
- 花生酱 - 一个简单的蘸酱食谱
- 中国冷冻哈密瓜水果沙拉
- 翩飘香豆腐摇
- 热香蕉椰奶
- 香蕉肉桂椰子酱
- 中国杏仁曲奇
- 芝麻饼干
念高 - 焗中国新年蛋糕
- 五香花生
调味坚果 - 食谱五香螺母五香粉
- 牛肉西兰花捞面随着拉面
- 糖醋排骨
- 宫保鸡丁
- “四川”鸡
- 四川面条
- 炒牛肉用三种蔬菜
- 武姝鸡包纸
- 芦笋沙拉 - 中国的沙拉食谱
- 增加了前10名的食谱,庆祝秋季丰收
- 增加了更多流行的中国食谱和更多的经典食谱。
- 新的用户界面和增强,现在支持Galaxy平板。
- 支持Android的4.1和不同的设备的任何决议。
- 支持多点触控,“缩小”关闭详细信息页面。
- 丢支持向左或向右切换食谱类别。
- 支持的旁白读。
- 集成了一个经典的游戏,为你放松的时间

中式菜详解 更新内容

- Added Eight Different Ways to Cook Tofu
- Removed AD showing in recipes
* 21/01/2014
- Minor change
- Remove popup adv
Happy Holiday!
* v2.5.6 (24/08/2012)
- Added 15 popular soups recipes.
- Enabling saving recipes to favorites list.
- UI enhancement
- Typeface changed.
* v2.5.5 (08/04/2013)
- Enabling App2SD
* v2.5.4 (11/04/2012)
- Added top 10 Recipes to Celebrate the Fall Harvest
* v2.5.3 (11/04/2012)
- Fixed Scoreloop issue & done some minor changes.

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