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NF Life文档阅读器

NF Life文档阅读器

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NF Life文档阅读器 NF Life文档阅读器 NF Life文档阅读器 NF Life文档阅读器

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Download NetfrontTM Life Documents – A Document Viewer for Microsoft Office® Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Text Files)
-View Microsoft Office® (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Text) files on the go
-Does what you want to do on the go: Lets you view Documents, and does it right!
-The Document Reader with the best rendering of all the complicated details in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
-Full support for Office 2007 file formats (.docx, .xlsx, and .pptx plus .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .txt files.)
-Evernote Integration – Access documents in the cloud
-Interactive Document Viewing with Pinch to Zoom support
-Supports Portrait and Landscape Mode
-Search Text in documents, or Copy to Clipboard to use in another application
-Easy file browsing with helpful filters
-Many options for file access and storage: SD Card support, open docs attached to emails, web downloads, and more!
Stay Productive On the Go
NetfrontTM Life Documents lets you view Microsoft Office® files on your Android phone or tablet. It’s a quick and easy way to review your documents - no need to fire up the laptop!
Easy File Browsing
The included file organizer shows you all documents on the device and let you filter them by category (e.g. Excel documents only). You can also search for files and open them from the list view – or delete them.
Interactive Document Viewing
Open and view MS Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files. Documents can be opened from the file organizer or straight from your email inbox. You can view them in portrait or landscape mode and zoom in and out as you need it. You can also search for specific text inside the documents, or copy text to the clipboard for use in another application.
Evernote Integration
NetfrontTM Life Documents can access your Evernote® account to download and view any Microsoft Office® files you have stored. Likewise you can upload any documents from your device to your Evernote account for later access on any device or computer. Don’t have an Evernote account yet? Sign up for free here http://www.evernote.com/about/referrer?code=access-docs!
Many Options for File Access and Storage
Files can be stored and accessed on the device (memory or SD-Card) or in your Evernote® account. Other ways of getting to your files are to open them from the email inbox, copying files to the Android device while it’s connected to your computer or saving them from the web using the browser.

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<Fixed & Improved>
- Support the new Evernote SDK and oauth login.

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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