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Space Express is a physics game w

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Space Express FREE Space Express FREE Space Express FREE Space Express FREE Space Express FREE

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Space Express is a physics game with an exciting twist. Launch humans, rats and even anvils into space as you race to deliver packages as fast as possible. Match different packages with different thrusters to reach the orbiting space stations. Try to save money and experiment to reach even higher scores while competing with your friends. Mr.Bob is the Founder, Employee and Janitor of Space Express! The leading package delivery company... in Space! With just one reusable rocket, Space Express aims to conquer the market of shipping rats and monkeys into space! No amount of space debris and orbiting anvils can stop their quest to go farther and deliver heavier and heavier shipments. Now if they could only get an elephant into space, then the eternal question of "When an elephant falls from orbit, what sound does it make?" can at last be answered. * Look forward for different kind of packages & thrusters in future updates!

Space Express FREE 更新内容


- Added tutorials to show 2 stage rockets

- Tutorials for controlling rocket stability (tilt controls)

- Increased rocket maximum unstable time

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Accurve Studios

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