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Contrack - Personal Networking

Contrack - Personal Networking

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Contrack - Personal Networking Contrack - Personal Networking Contrack - Personal Networking Contrack - Personal Networking Contrack - Personal Networking Contrack - Personal Networking

Contrack - Personal Networking 描述

Contrack is a personal networking tool that helps you to stay in touch with professional contacts, friends and relatives by tracking when and how you contacted each person and suggesting who to call next, based on priorities and time limits you define.
Using a friendly "check-in" system, Contrack rewards you with points for every interaction made with people in your list, based on criteria like contact methods, priorities and initiative, which are then used to track your networking performance over the last months. Contrack also provides valuable statistics about your interactions, like preferred contact methods and most contacted people and groups.
Managing your network in Contrack only requires these simple steps:
1) Import people from your phone's contact list
2) Assign each person a priority level (optional)
3) "Check-in" whenever you interact with someone in your list
4) Let Contrack show you who needs to be contacted next and how active you have been with your network.
★ Keeps a separate list of relevant contacts you wish to track, imported from your phone book or social networks and sorted according to priorities and last contact dates
★ Contacts can be organized in custom groups, searched and filtered
★ A familiar "check-in" mechanism makes recording interactions quick and fun
★ A check-in history tracks your interaction with each person over time
★ Useful statistical charts: points per month, contact diversity, most contacted people, interactions x methods, interactions x groups, initiative and more
★ Companion apps for Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches allow checking in and placing calls directly from your watch
★ Home screen widget
The free version is ad-supported. A premium license, available for purchase here on Google Play, offers these additional features:
★ Automatic check-ins from call log
★ Multiple (group) check-ins (great for events)
★ Notifications for time limits exceeded
★ Birthday notifications
★ Export interaction history to CSV file
★ Backup/restore data to storage card
★ No ads
Please use the contact e-mail for bug reports, questions or suggestions, so we can respond as necessary. If you like Contrack, please leave your rating here. Thank you!
使用友好的“签入”制度,奖励Contrack你的每一个与人在您的名单的基础上,像接触的方法,重点和举措,然后将其用于跟踪在过去的几个月你的网络性能标准进行交互点。 Contrack还提供了有价值的统计信息的互动,就像首选联系方式和联系大多数人和群体。
★为Android Wear和卵石smartwatches伴侣应用程序允许检查,并直接从你的手表拨打电话

Contrack - Personal Networking 更新内容

- Android Wear app
- LinkedIn and Facebook imports removed due to changes in their policies

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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