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InvestControl is an innovative portfolio manager which combines many features in a compact and powerful solution especially designed for investors who wish to keep track of their assets while on the go.
InvestControl goes far beyond simple stock watchers go and allows you to build portfolios with different types of investments, including stocks, bonds, foreign currencies and mutual funds, maintain records of prices and transactions, be alerted about price changes, relevant news and events, track investment goals and much more.
InvestControl provides you instant answers to questions like these:
- How are my investments performing today?
- What is the current market value of my portfolios?
- How and where are my assets allocated?
- How risky is my portfolio today?
- What are the relevant news about my investments?
- How close am I from my financial goals?
★ Supports worldwide stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, bonds, stock options, cash accounts, indices, currency rates, real estate and generic investments.
★ Depending on each asset type, prices can be obtained automatically from Yahoo! or Google Finance, entered manually or even extracted from web pages.
★ Transactions like buys, sales, transfers, dividend payments and taxes/fees can be entered manually or imported from CSV files. Monthly recurring transactions like regular deposits and fees are supported.
★ Asset summaries include total buys/sales/dividends/fees, current value, total gain/loss, annual return, average and break-even price, current yield/yield to maturity (bonds), in-the-money/out-of-the-money indicator (options), latest transactions and news, upcoming events etc.
★ Supports multiple portfolios with unlimited assets. A detailed graphical report is provided for each portfolio, including market value, total gains and losses, type/risk/institution allocation, liquidity, annual returns, monthly deposits and value projections. A summary view shows consolidated info from all portfolios.
★ Goal tracking: you can set target amounts and dates for each portfolio and track the remaining value and time until you reach them.
★ Assets can be filtered by type or by status (owned only, losses, gains).
★ A built-in news aggregator downloads and filters only the news that are relevant to your portfolio. Several channels like CNN, Reuters and Yahoo! Finance are provided, and you can easily add more from any RSS feed.
★ Alert notifications can be programmed for changes in prices, market value or gain/losses, for each asset or for specific portfolios. After triggered, alerts can be automatically inverted or adjusted by a certain value or percentage.
★ The Financial Agenda keeps track of relevant events and reminders for each asset, like expiration/maturity dates, IPO dates, public announcements, payout dates etc.
★ A graphical simulation tool projects the future value of your portfolio based on variables like period, return rate, inflation, monthly deposits etc.
★ Home widgets are provided for a quick overview of your portfolios, assets, latest news and upcoming events.
★ Asset/portfolio summaries and transactions can be exported to compatible apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Evernote etc.
★ Several customizations are possible, including periodicity for automatic updates, local parameters like currency, inflation rate, number format etc.
★ Built-in password protection and backup to external storage/Dropbox.
★ Android Wear and Pebble apps allow you to have your portfolio on your wrist.
When installed, InvestControl runs in TRIAL mode for a period of 20 days, allowing you to fully evaluate it. After this period, you must purchase a license key in order to continue using the app, maintaining all data already entered (search for "InvestControl License" for more information).
Please use the contact e-mail for bug reports, questions or suggestions, so we can respond as necessary. If you like InvestControl, please leave your rating here. Thank you!
- 如何在我的投资今天的表现如何?
- 什么是我的投资组合的当前市场价值?
- 如何以及在哪里我的资产分配呢?
- 如何风险是我的投资组合今天?
- 什么是我的投资相关的新闻?
- 如何接近我是从我的财务目标?
★内置密码保护和备份到外部存储/ Dropbox的。
★Android Wear和卵石的应用程序让你对你的手腕上你的投资组合。

投资控制 更新内容

- Improved charts
- Search function for agenda events
- New Simulation module
- A 2nd custom tag is available for all assets
- Bug fixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上



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