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ActInNature Hunting ActInNature Hunting ActInNature Hunting ActInNature Hunting ActInNature Hunting ActInNature Hunting

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ActInNature Hunting is a mapping, tracking & navigation app for hunters.
★ Planning: Sun & moon phases, weather forecasts.
★ Map: Hunting zones, POIs, other hunters, compass, wind & weather information.
★ Camera: Augmented view with POIs and other hunters.
★ Notes: Tags, journal records, tracks, gallery pictures, weapon and ammunition.
The app supports all phases of the hunt, both for individual and joined hunts.
★ Preparation of the hunt.
You can prepare hunting zones and POIs such as high seats, feeding places or fox holes.
★ Planning of the hunt.
You can arrange groups and share hunting zones and POIs on the map; know sun and moon phase info, weather forecast; send invitation to your friends.
★ During the hunt.
You can navigate either by POIs, distance circle or compass. Observe GPS positions of other hunters on the map and know their directions and speed as they walk. Use wind and weather info widgets. Distances and directions can be measured with the augmented camera. Record your tracks, register observations and hunted animals in the journal and make images and video in the gallery.
★ After the hunt.
Enjoy your journal, tracks and gallery. Use private cloud storage to upload your journal records for later use and for report on your PC; share your journal records on Facebook/SMS/e-mail with links to details.
There is more to come.
We offer a free ‘Basic’ account and a paid ‘Advanced’ account as annual subscriptions. Please visit http://ActInNature.com/matrix for more details. When the subscription expires the account automatically downgrades to Basic. Users can upgrade or extend the subscription for one more year at any time.
Inspired by Nature > Powered by Technology > Designed for Outdoor Activities
 享受你的日记,跟踪和画廊。报告供以后使用,在您的PC上,使用私有云存储上传你的日记记录分享你的日记记录在Facebook /短信/电子邮件链接细节。

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Journal Records visibility options
New Tag/User Status icons
Bug fixes

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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