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Smartdial (Dialer)

Smartdial (Dialer)

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Smartdial (Dialer) Smartdial (Dialer) Smartdial (Dialer) Smartdial (Dialer) Smartdial (Dialer) Smartdial (Dialer)

Smartdial (Dialer) 描述

Some users cannot run with updated version
We are try to fix this problem and planning to update again within next week
Sorry for inconvenience.
200 million to use the smart dial!
Now as an English version is also available!
More powerful functions has been upgraded to version 2.0, the rebirth! Address book features more cleaner UI and widgets, fast search and more!
Basic underlying Dialer is a flat! Now getting down Turn your dialer!
The base of the phone dialer still yours? Change to suit the taste of your dialer!
Or routing without the need to install special smart dial the one unique design theme to change phones decorating! Shorten the number! Free mutual search a variety of features you can enjoy them all free!
Key Features and Benefits]
* Support for further upgrade the Address Book the consonant Search / Number Search.
Hangul keyboard, dial keyboard button is pressed on the keypad, faster search your address book! Just search utilizing the consonant was provided in the existing dialer keypad and dialing the default Now consonant / Number Search, search by name in the address book anymore, do not even clever!
* Support change various themes.
Dial I want to paint my own! Turn your dialer theme three colors depending on the mood More stylish colors
Your smartphone will shine. Three themes according to taste black, white, cute, in addition, provides free support various paid theme!
* Speed ​​dial
Speed-dial address book that is stored within friends easily, registration / release / dialing support
Provides functions that you can easily call a friend to call frequently.

Smartdial (Dialer) 更新内容

Now You can easily change Language !
Known Bug fixed

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Smartdial (Dialer) 使用技巧

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Smartdial (Dialer) 信息

Android 2.1.x 以上

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