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Actsoft Comet Tracker Actsoft Comet Tracker Actsoft Comet Tracker Actsoft Comet Tracker Actsoft Comet Tracker Actsoft Comet Tracker

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Comet Tracker is a versatile mobile management tool that will give you an immediate return on your investment. Save HUGE on fuel and maintenance by optimizing routes, minimizing idle/stop time, setting geo-fence parameters with customized polygons, and so much more.
With live GPS tracking on local or satellite maps, monitoring and managing your employees has never been easier. Instantly increase response times with “Drag-n-Drop” work orders and “Closest-To” features. Reduce excessive overtime with clock-in/out from the field by Supervisor or employee. From accounting to operations, Comet Tracker is there to take the stress out of mobile resource management.
-Keep track of your own hours via Clock In/Out, Break and Lunch records
-Keep track of your employees with Supervisor timekeeping
-Attach complex forms with pictures and signatures to each time record
-Keep accurate breadcrumb GPS trails of your employees
-Let field workers complete work orders on their devices!
-All submitted records are accessible from your desktop and the web!
Not only will this instantly improve your bottom line, it will also assist with the parameters of job bids, provide accurate timeline estimates and improve overall project management.
Paid Account Login: If you have pre-purchased AWF, this is the right app for you. Simply login with the credentials previously supplied.
Take a Tour: Preview sample forms and see how easy filling out AWF Forms can be on an Android device. If you would like to build your own form, or see where the data goes after submitted, please register for a FREE 30-Day Trial.
随着GPS的实时跟踪在本地或卫星地图,监控和管理你的员工从未如此简单。瞬间提升的响应时间与“拖N - 下降”的工作单和“最近,要”的特点。减少过度加班时钟输入/输出从外地通过主管或员工。从会计操作,彗星Tracker是有把压力从移动资源管理。
- 保持跟踪你自己的时间,通过时钟输入/输出,休息和午餐记录
- 保持跟踪你的员工与主管报时
你的员工 - 保持精确的面包屑的GPS路径
- 让现场工作人员在其设备上完成工作订单!
- 所有提交的记录是从您的桌面和Web访问!

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-Fixed app hanging when performing some operations, like Timekeeping and Forms submission

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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