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Falling Hearts Free LWP

Falling Hearts Free LWP

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Falling Hearts Free LWP

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A beautiful free Live Wallpaper that showers your phone with hearts!

Falling Hearts Free is a beautiful Live Wallpaper that creates an array of hearts that fall over your screen!

Perfect for occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Anniversaries.

With this free version you can change the amount of hearts and the speed that they fall. There are also 7 colourful backgrounds included to choose from!

If you like this Live Wallpaper please support us by purchasing the full version that allows you to choose your own photo to use as the background, as well as many more features! Shower your friends, family, pets or special someone with love. You can find the full version on the Market, or follow the link from the 'Settings' menu inside this Live Wallpaper.

Please note that this is a Live Wallpaper, so be sure to check that your phone supports them before downloading!

HOW TO USE: Home -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers > Falling Hearts Free

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- Deployed fix for OutOfMemoryError which was causing Force Closes on Android 2.3.x, if problem continues please submit crash reports

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手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.1.0 以上
Adam Owen

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