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TLCtaxiApp (London Cab)

TLCtaxiApp (London Cab)

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TLCtaxiApp (London Cab) TLCtaxiApp (London Cab) TLCtaxiApp (London Cab) TLCtaxiApp (London Cab) TLCtaxiApp (London Cab) TLCtaxiApp (London Cab)

TLCtaxiApp (London Cab) 描述

Hail a licensed black cab from your location!

TLCtaxi app the "soon as possible" around town, London (black) taxi and soon to be nationally available booking app, offered to you by @tweetalondoncab & addapps.

Areas Covered

Starting operating in London zones 1 & 2 we intend to grow virally right across the city and out into the suburbs and as affiliates join us we will go national. So as our fleet of partner taxis and affiliates grows our ability to grow our coverage in those areas also grows.


This app is free.

No extra charges, you pay only the metered fare*

No minimum fares, our meters start at £2.20 in London 24/7 365 days a year, similar minimum fares apply in licensing areas nationally.**

Fare enquiries in London can be directed to fares@tlctaxi.co.uk


See all available taxis around you in "map based" real time and track your driver as he comes to you.

In app communication features allowing you to talk or text directly to your driver (as you wish) and ensure a seamless and timely pickup is achieved.

General info

Meters are set upon arrival, please board the taxi promptly to avoid any undue hike in the fare.

Licensed taxi cabs with the world famous knowledge (in London) and local cabbies in the rest of the U.K. Who known your part of the world with that licensing areas version of the knowledge.

Cash, credit and debit cards accepted***

Permanent discounts (London Taxis).

Permanent meter discounts of 15%% from zones 1 & 2 to Heathrow Airport.

Permanent meter discounts of 20%% from zones 1 & 2 to all destinations outside the M25.

For discounts offered by affiliate TLC taxis across the U.K. Please go to your city or region affiliate page at (tbc) www.TLCtaxi.co.uk


We are unable to answer questions or queries here so please send suggestions and feedback to feedback@TLCtaxi.co.uk

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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