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Trump It Classic Computers

Trump It Classic Computers

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Trump It Classic Computers Trump It Classic Computers Trump It Classic Computers Trump It Classic Computers

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A Trumps style Card Game with classic computers. Play the computer or friends. Trump it is a Trumps card game, with cards based on classic computers. Similar to Quartets/Go Fish the aim of the game is to trump your opponent and take all his cards. Played with a pack of 32 cards, The cards are all Classic Computers from the 70s / 80s and 90s. Each card has six categories which are about the computer displayed on that card. The pack of 32 cards is shuffled and evenly dealt between the player and the opponent. The player always starts first and must pick a category from the 6 available: Release Year,Coolness,CPU speed,Ram,Rom,Colours. The player with the highest value (The Top Trump) for the category selected wins the 2 cards and places them at the bottom off their pile of cards. The release date category wins when it is the oldest, all other categories win when they are the highest value. In the event of a draw both the Cards of the player and opponent are added into the draw pot. The winner of the next round wins all of the cards in the draw pot as well as the top card from each player. The aim of the game is to win all of your opponents cards. The following games are available to play: One Player - The player plays against the computer, winning when all the computers cards (trumps) have been won. Two Player - Two people play passing the device between each other. The winner must take all the other players cards (trumps). Points Game - The Player plays against the computer and is awarded points for winning dependent on the category selected.Points are displayed in the red circles next to the category buttons. The higher the chance of winning the lower the points. To get a high score you must risk gambling on a category with a small chance of winning. Try playing for a draw as both players points are added into a draw pot, whoever wins the next hand is awarded all the points in the draw pot. Winning 5 consecutive hands will result in the Points available being doubled, (the points in the red circle are doubled). Losing a hand will return all points values back to their original values.The game ends when all the computers cards have been taken. High scores can be saved at the end of the trumps points game. View the pack of cards from the View Cards menu option. Use the left and right arrows to flick through the pack of trumps. Pressing the menu button button allows the user to return to the main menu screen, see the help screen or enter the settings screen where vibration and sound can be turned on/off. If you have any problems please email us at: support@addedentertainment.com...

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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