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City Fireworks FREE

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City Fireworks FREE City Fireworks FREE City Fireworks FREE City Fireworks FREE City Fireworks FREE City Fireworks FREE

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Magnificent fireworks over beautiful realistic city scenes! Impressive fireworks over the skyline of New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Toronto, Seattle, Paris, Prague or Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Realistic and live backdrop with snowfall, rushing clouds in different altitudes, colors and light that changes dynamically and seamlessly during the day. And of course stunning fireworks that sparkle in the sky. Activate this live wallpaper from home -> menu -> background -> live wallpapers In the full version you can customize: - change city between New York (Manhattan), London, Moscow, Kiev, Paris, Berlin, Seattle, Toronto, Prague and Stockholm- additional selection of non-city scene Seoraksan National Park, South Korea (설악산국립공원, 雪岳山国立公园)- number of rockets- particle count of explosions- length of trails (from zero to infinite)- explosion flash intensity (or no flash)- moon size and position- snowflake count and color- any time of day or dynamic time (real time)- speed of clouds- turn on/off high and low clouds- true color (24 bit) option Photo credits (flickr users)Riddarholmen: gesternumdiesezeitLondon: Karen RoeManhattan: Eva AbreuRed Square & Saint Basil's Cathedral: Vyacheslav ArgenbergSeoraksan National Park: mendhakParis: Oh ParisSeattle: Dave MorrowToronto: Blair StirrettBerlin: m.a.r.c.Kiev: Andrew BossiMoon: Luis Argerich

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