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Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper

Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper

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Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper 截图

Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper

Twin Trees - Live Wallpaper 描述

The "triangles and boxes" bug that appeared on some devices (especially the Samsung Galaxy S) has now been resolved!
Prepare to be hypnotized by this magical windy evening, where low clouds rush in a time-lapse style over two autumn trees out on the fields of Skåne, Sweden. Optionally you can add leaves that fly in the wind. You decide how many leaves you want at the same time. You may also use the settings to set the time of day to change the color of the sky and clouds, or use the actual time to make the wallpaper shift colors autmatically during the day.
Unlock settings for the lowest market fee ($0.99) to be able to customize the wallpaper freely with no time limitations.
Activate this free live wallpaper from your home screen by pressing menu -> wallpapers -> live wallpapers -> Twin Trees
Locked mode will let you change leaf count between 0-50 but not above. It also lets you change size of moon below default size or hide moon completely. All other settings are unavailable in locked (free) mode.
In unlocked mode you can
- use real time or set any time of the day
- change leaf count
- change speed
- hide/show low clouds
- hide/show high clouds
- hide/show moon
- change size of moon from small to very large
- position moon
- turn on/off foreground silhouette mode
- select (24 bit) true color mode if color gradients appear banded / dithered
These two trees stand in Skönadal, Skåne - the very south of Sweden:
This is a live wallpaper using OpenGL technology, that means the GPU will do all the work leaving the CPU to do the usual stuff. I.e. less impact on the phone performance. This wallpaper will inactivate itself as soon as the home screen is not visible (that means when you run an app or when the screen is turned off).
这似乎在某些设备(尤其是三星Galaxy S)的“三角形和盒子”的错误现在已经解决了!
解锁设置为最低市场费用($ 0.99),以便能够无时间限制,自由地自定义墙纸。
按菜单激活这个免费的动态壁纸从您的主屏幕 - >壁纸 - >动态壁纸 - >两棵树
- 利用实时或设置一天中的任何时间
- 变叶数
- 变化速度
- 隐藏/显示低云
- 隐藏/显示高云
- 隐藏/显示月球
- 改变月亮的大小从小型到大型
- 月亮的位置
- 开启/关闭前台剪影模式
- 选择(24位)真彩色模式下,如果颜色渐变出现带状/抖动
这两棵树站在Skönadal,斯科讷省 - 瑞典南部的:

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手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.1.0 以上

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