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SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat

SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat

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SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat

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IMPORTANT: A couple of notes regarding the app. Please keep them in mind, and then go on with the rest of the description.
1) In order to register for the FIRST time, you should first write your desired username and password, and ONLY THEN hit the Register button.
2) If you hit the register button with the username & password fields being blank, then you have just registered yourself with no username & password. Thus, hitting the login button will get you normally into the app.
3) In order to change your username & password you can go to the Settings page, inside the app, and reset them.
4) If you have locked yourselves out of the app (i.e. you forgot your credentials), then just uninstall the app and reinstall it back. It will reset your username/password.
4) If you have some kind of inquire when posting a comment, leave a way for me to contact you back. Otherwise, please send me an email directly, I have and I will respond to any emails I get from users.
Do you want to chat over bluetooth with your friends, in a way similar to Messenger software for PC? You can do that in the most amusing and easy way using SuperBlue application, the best bluetooth chat application in the Android Market. SuperBlue allows you to chat with others using bluetooth connection, and use a number of features such as:
-- Emoticons
-- Rich text (bold, underline, italics, links)
-- Sounds
-- Vibration
-- Offline Registration and Login, no internet connection needed
-- Settings`
More feature will be added in the future, making the best bluetooth chat application for Android even better.
你想通过蓝牙与你的朋友聊天,类似PC的Messenger软件的方式吗?你可以做到这一点使用SuperBlue应用,最好的蓝牙聊天应用程序在Android Market中最有趣,最简单的方法。 SuperBlue让你聊天与其他使用蓝牙连接,并使用了一些功能,例如:
- 表情
- 富文本(粗体,下划线,斜体,链接)
- 声音
- 振动
- 离线注册和登录,没有互联网连接的需要
- 设置`

SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat 更新内容

-- Menu with emoticon tags has been added on the chat window
-- Bugfix: sometimes, when an invalid bluetooth address is scanned and clicked, the app crashes. Now this is handled appropriately.

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SuperBlue Free Bluetooth Chat 信息

Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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