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ADJ Basic - DJ Player

ADJ Basic - DJ Player

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ADJ Basic - DJ Player ADJ Basic - DJ Player ADJ Basic - DJ Player

ADJ Basic - DJ Player 描述

ADJ is the most advanced digital DJ solution for android. Transform your device into a complete and portable DJ system. Features: - Very accurate waveform visualization with diferent zooms and frequency tones (Basic & Pro) - IN/OUT and beat loops (Pro) - Automix mode with bluetooth and headset control (Pro) - Async BPM detection. (Pro) - Split Right channel to Pre-Fader Listening(PFL) and Left to master output (Pro) - Multitouch in Android3.0 or above (Basic & Pro) - Automatic pitch & beat sync (Pro) - Touch & scratch (Pro Version) - Low-pass(Pro), hi-pass(Basic & Pro), reverb, (Pro) echo and (Basic & Pro) flange effects - 3-Band Equalizer (Basic & Pro) with kill button (Pro) - Pitch Preserving (Pro) - Support MP3, WAV and OGG (Basic & Pro) - Pitch adjust 5%-50%(Pro), fine pitch and bend (Basic & Pro) - Low latency response (even lower on jelly bean) NOTE: Only recomended for +1Ghz and +512MB RAMFeel free to contact me for suggestions or new features. TAGS:Player, Mixer, Ableton, Traktor Pro, Maschine, Virtual Dj, BPM Studio, Atomix, DSS DJ, Mixx, Mixer, Auto-mix, cueing, loop, player, disc, vinyl, dj, crossfade, remix, tempo, pitch, shift, auto-sync, sync, synchro, dj studio, Pocket DJ, DJ control, beat, beats, party, dj, mixer, deejay, channel, level, sliders, volume, PFL, Mixer, DJ, RMX, Turntable, Scratch, DJing, Audio, Player

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影音播放 音乐
Android 2.1.0 以上

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