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A Wallpaper Master A Wallpaper Master A Wallpaper Master A Wallpaper Master A Wallpaper Master A Wallpaper Master

A Wallpaper Master 描述

A Wallpaper Master is more then another wallpaper app on the market. This new type of app is specifically designed to be used on the 4G networks or over WiFi Android devices. A Wallpaper Master is designed to enable photographers and artists a means to deliver their work in a secure and easy manner. While providing the user with unique, never before released images and wallpapers.
A Wallpaper Master uses advanced algorithms to deliver images in a manner that takes up very little space on the device itself. By requiring an active internet/data connect all images are stored centrally on our secure servers instead of your phone reducing the need for large storage space.
A Wallpaper Master also works as an image viewer allowing the users to view each image and then selecting whatever image they choose as the current wallpaper. A Wallpaper Master has several user preferences that can be set locally such as the ability to have the wallpaper change to the next image automatically (when connected to the internet), show & maintain the different image packages and allow for the purchase of restricted or adult image packs.
A Wallpaper Master provides three different ways to receive image packages. Free images are available in both the free and paid versions. These are image packages that photographers and artists have selected to make available to the general public for use as wallpapers on devices running A Wallpaper Master. Private Galleries are image galleries hosted on the Advanced App Store’s server and available in both the free and paid versions with a password supplied by the contributing artist. Finally, Pay-Per-View galleries are galleries that are restricted by the contributing artist or of an adult nature. These image packs are available for a onetime fee to view and use the images as wallpapers for the life of the device.
Photographers and artist wishing to contribute to A Wallpaper Master or have their Private or Pay-Per-View galleries hosted and receive revenues should read http://www.AdvancedAppStore.com/0212AWMphotographer.html
Purchase of this app entitles the buy to download the Pay-Per-View Lingerie1 image package upon registration. Please register you purchase at http://www.AdvancedAppStore.com/wallpaper/login.php on your PC.
Unlike other wallpaper or image viewer apps A Wallpaper Master does not need to be updated to receive new images. Simply use the More Images feature to check for and receive new image packages. Image packages are added at least monthly.
When upgrading from A Wallpaper Master Free version is it important that you UNINSTALL the free version first! All your image packages will be saved automatically and show up in your Paid Version when installed on the same devices. This means if you ever need to uninstall A Wallpaper Master you can do so without losing all your image packages as these preferences are stored on the server with your device’s ID number. When you next install either version of A Wallpaper Master all your previously selected image packages are available to the newer version!

A Wallpaper Master 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Made the app free to use.
Included Adult Image options.
Added a Free Image Package if you Register the app.
Restricted the app to the Mature Audience section of Google Play.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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