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ADVFN Stocks & Shares

ADVFN Stocks & Shares

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ADVFN Stocks & Shares ADVFN Stocks & Shares ADVFN Stocks & Shares ADVFN Stocks & Shares ADVFN Stocks & Shares ADVFN Stocks & Shares ADVFN Stocks & Shares

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Stock and share prices from ADVFN, the world's largest stock market site.
FREE streaming price data.
* Quotes
* Charts
* Level 2
* Discussion forums
* Monitor
* Portfolio
* Much more
Dozens of markets from around the world, including:
* LSE (London Stock Exchange)
* NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
* US Small Caps (Pink Sheets, OTCBB)
* Markets in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, Philippines and many more.
Live prices and Level 2 data available for many markets with subscription.
Dozens of instruments:
* Stocks & shares
* Indices
* Futures
* Options
* Forex
* Much more
Automatically syncs with your ADVFN account, allowing you to view your Monitor, get live prices, post on the bulletin boards and check Level 2 wherever you are.

ADVFN Stocks & Shares 更新内容

What's new?
* Our friends at Finance Manila (Philippines) can now log in! Welcome!
* Portfolio: better totals and use of summary currencies
* Bug fix of flipping from landscape to portrait in chart view, in some cases
* Level 2 will show up to 4 levels of decimal precision (especially useful in Italy) based on your settings
Please call us at 888-992-3836 or email us at support@advfn.com if you have any problems.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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