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Want #AEOstyle on the go? Come get it, BAE.
This trusty app puts our entire apparel collection at your fingertips, anywhere you wander. So whether you’re AEObsessed, a devoted AerieHead (look, we’re already giving each other pet names!), or both (aww, we love you too), you’ll find all your favorite clothing, shoes, accessories, bras, undies, sleepwear and more—right in the palm of your hand.
PLUS, we give lots of compliments. And we always let you pick where we’re going for dinner. #FTW
Some of the perks:
• AEO and Aerie in one convenient space, for your shopping pleasure
• Reserve, Try & Buy: now available in all US stores
• Stream our in-store playlist—to get your shop on AND your groove on at the same time—with AEO Radio
• Instant notifications about sales and other awesome events
• VIP access to our New Arrivals
• Full-screen photos, so you can get up close and personal with our latest styles
• Swift checkout process, complete with an option to enter credit cards with your camera—so your orders get to you even faster
• Store locater tracks down the nearest AEO and Aerie stores—and tells you if the item you want is in stock
• Our all-new “Inspiration” feature, where you’ll find tons of #OOTD inspiration, trends and more
Thoughts? Feedback? Awkward family photos you’d like to share with us? Go on, pour your heart out to AEOMobile@ae.com. And be sure to keep an eye out for app improvements, new features and more.
另外,我们可以举出很多的赞美。我们总是让你挑我们要去哪里吃饭。 #FTW

AEO | Aerie 更新内容

Guys, we’ve outdone ourselves — we somehow managed to make AEO Radio EVEN BETTER. Download the latest version to check out our musical makeover and some all-around fine-tuning. (Get it? Tuning! Radio! Maybe we should go into comedy…)

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Google Play

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