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Apartment Finder Apartment Finder Apartment Finder Apartment Finder Apartment Finder Apartment Finder

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You want a great apartment – and a great deal. Apartment Finder is the perfect app to get both!
Key Features:
* More apartment listings across the US
* Up-to-date pricing and availability
* Search for apartments by city, state, county, zip code, military base, university, or apartment name/address
* Map-based pricing tools to find apartments by Best Value, Top Deals, and Specials
* A Cost Calculator to help you find the true cost of your next apartment
* Sign in and save your favorite apartments -- and your apartment searches-- on one device and it will be available on your other devices, giving you access to your apartment search anywhere, anytime
* Crisp, high-resolution photos of every apartment Interactive 3D walk-throughs of select apartments
* Full video tours of apartment communities Detailed floor plan views and amenities
* Find apartments where you want to live – in your desired school district, close to public transportation, or in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.
* Comprehensive neighborhood information that includes Walk Score, available public transit, and local schools
* Draw your own search area – or draw multiple search areas
* Find available apartments for rent near you, or search any city in the US
* Keep track of apartment communities that you’ve contacted -- and the date you contacted them
* Search by price, distance, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, top features, and community amenities
Award-winning Apartment Finder has been helping apartment shoppers find their ideal new home since 1981. We’ve been named the Number One Apartment Search Source by SatisFacts Index two years in a row, the best Internet listing service by Multi-Housing News three years in a row, the winner of the Silver W3 Award at the 10th Annual Davey Awards, an Official Honoree at the 18th Annual Webby Awards, and the Best Mobile Website at the 19th annual MADACS awards.
你想要一个伟大的公寓 - 和一个伟大的交易。公寓Finder是完美的应用程序,以获得两个!
*登录并保存您最喜爱的公寓 - 和你的公寓searches--一台设备上,这将可在你的其他设备,让您随时随地访问您的公寓搜索,随时随地
*找到你想住的公寓 - 在您需要的学区,靠近公共交通,或在方便行人的街区。
*绘制自己的搜索区域 - 或绘制多个搜索领域
*跟踪的公寓社区,你已经联系了 - 和你约会和他们联系

Apartment Finder 更新内容

Need to find a new apartment? In this release we've added several features to improve performance and help you find a new place to live.
* Sort search results by featured, distance and price
* Increase or decrease the search radius to widen or narrow your search results
* Now easier to find apartments that offer rent specials. Be sure to look for the blue "Rent Specials Nearby" button in the search results to see top rent specials in your area.

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Android 2.3.3 以上

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