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Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC

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Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC Global Nuclear Watch ::BASIC

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5000 Sensors on 3 Continents: EU, AS, NA. Learn about current radiation levels!
5000 stations on 3 continents (Location Search!): JP, EU, US, RU, NO, CY, CH, RS, IR, LI. - more soon!
:::Note: If you experience any dysfunction or technical issue, please let us know by using the feedback option or mail us --> gnw@ag-3.com!
Geographical coverage (additional countries' data sources are being integrated within the next couple of days - watch out for updates 'n upgrades!):
United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Greenland, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Lativa, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia.
MORE Features AND MORE Countries will follow soon (watch out for update 'n upgrade!)
What can I do?
Global Location Search: Locate any place on earth. Have the closest radiation monitor values displayed! Compare Fukushima with other japanese areas, for example!
Be among the first to know when your local nuclear radiation level becomes hazardous! Automatically (on launch) retrieve up-to-date data for your current location, so you can assess your individual situation better.
The current value of interest is displayed on a Geiger-meter like display (detail screen) indicating the current value on a color coded scale (where green of course is „good“). The data is provided in „nSv/h“ and it's twin "nGy/h" for all the world but the US, they prefer the gamma cross count rate.
Automatically your positions value is displayed right away on the home screen when launching the app.
Health critical values:
We also provide critical values concerning the civil populations health.
Key Words:
World Radiation; Chubu Electric; Hamaoka; Shizuoka; Iwaki; Core Meltdown; Radon; contaminated; monitor radioactivity; nuclear monitor; Radiation monitor; atomic energy; atomic accident; NPP; Radiation Watch; Atomic plant; atomic power plant; Nuclear power plant; nuclear power station; Tschernobyl; Chernobyl; Kyodo; Earthquake; Tsuruga 2; Fukushima; Japan; radioactive contamination; blasting; ray; Nuclear Hazard; Nuclear threat; radioactivity; radioactive waste; Atomic bomb; nuclear warhead; Atomic radiation; nulcear radiation; Rem; Sievert; millisievert; mikrosievert; nanosievert; µSv/h; mSv/h; nSv/h; Gray; Gy; nGy/h; „µSv/h“; „nGy/h“; ionizing radiation; T-Gamma; SI; SI Unit; Atomic Number; radiation; environment radiation; environmental radiation; world hazards; global hazards; desaster; global desaster; nuclear desaster; Hiroshima; Nagasaki; radioactive cloud; Geiger-Meter; Geiger Meter; Geiger counter; safe area; safe region; pollution; environmental pollution; Austria; Germany; Alps; Beta Gross Count Rate; T-Gamma; INES, International Nuclear Event Scale; Nuke; nuclear blast; Radiation; Plutonium; Iodine; Radiation App; Nuclear Radiation; Global Radiation Watch; Nuclear meassure; muclear meassurement; nuclear data; nuclear monitoring; flight weather; flight data; air pollution; radiation detection; radiation detector; nuclear monitoring; radiation monitoring; nuke detector; cask for storage and transport of radioactive material; castor; castor transport; Gorleben; disposal zone Gorleben; Beaver Valley; Calvert Cliffs; Connecticut Yankee; Fitzpatrick New York; Hope Creek; Three Mile Island; Vermont Yankee; Browns FerryM Brunswick; Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station; Oconee; St. Lucie; Virgil C. Summer; Turkey Point; Davis-Basse; Big Rock Point; Byron; Duane Arnold; Monticello; Hanford Site; Savannah River Site; Los Alamos; NRC Region; Radiation Protection; Nuclear energy; Norway; Kongeriket Norge; Kongeriket Noreg; Oslo; Bergen; Trondheim; Stavanger; United Kingdom; England; Scottland; Ireland; Wales; Berkeley; Bradwell; Calder Hall; Chapelcross; Dounreay PFR; Dungeness; Hartlepool; Heysham; Hinkley Point; Hunterston; Oldbury; Sizewell; Torness; Trawsfynydd; Windscale; Sellafiled; Winfrith; Wylfa; London; Strahlung; Dosimeter

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