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App Usage Tracker

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App Usage Tracker App Usage Tracker App Usage Tracker App Usage Tracker App Usage Tracker

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This App Usage Tracker App gathers app usage info like what all apps are getting used on the mobile device(in the foreground state). This info can be further queried and seen as a chart which depicts the usage trend for the app. The usage stats can also be exported.This App can also be used for spying by installing this app on the device of whoever (your kid, relative, friend) app usage needs to be monitor.Note: This app starts tracking only when it is first launched.Features include:- Get to know what all apps that are not used and can be removed to save space.- Monitor regularly which 5 or 10 apps are used often.- Older usage data get cleaned up regularly if configured.- Consumes very less battery.- Very light weight tracking mechanism.- Usage detail can be exported and/or saved on the device. - The exported details can be sent through installed e-mail service as attachment(Needs an SD Card/Storage).- App tracking stops when the phone is locked.- The usage data can be exported in the form of csv file, which could be sent through mail.How to use the app:- As soon as the app is installed and launched for the first time, the app usage tracking begins and notification icon would appear.- For the first time, the usage will be empty.- On the main page, the usage can be queried for the required duration.- On the second page, app usage info is provided as a list.- Tap on a particular app name in the list, will open up a time-series graph depicting the usage pattern.Settings:- The duration after which the usage data need not be stored can be configured here. - The usage data would automatically be deleted every day, if configured for deletion.- The Usage Tracking can be enabled or disabled here. Also the current state of tracking can also be ascertained.- The sensitivity of the tracking can also be controlled here.- The feature of sending usage stats through e-mail can also be configured here. The default e-mail id on which the mail needs to be sent can also be configured.- The notification shown by the app can also be disabled which is currently enabled by default.Procedure to export usage through e-mail:1. Make sure in Settings page, "Send stats using email" is set to "YES".2. Providing e-mail id in "Email to send stats" is optional. If provided then the e-mail id would be pre-populated when sending app usage through e-mail.3. Select the duration on the main page for which usage report need to be generated and send.4. Click on "Export Usage" button. This will trigger a window listing down all the apps on the device using which the usage can be exported/send/updated.5. Select the appropriate method to export. If it is an email provider, then the e-mail id provided in Step 2 would be propulated. If not, provide the e-mail id on which the e-mail need to be sent. Proceed with sending mail and receive the usage report.If you like the app, please do share it with your friends. Please provide your valuable feedback as well as rating here.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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