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Hindi Lessons 1-Lite

Hindi Lessons 1-Lite

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Hindi Lessons 1-Lite Hindi Lessons 1-Lite Hindi Lessons 1-Lite Hindi Lessons 1-Lite Hindi Lessons 1-Lite

Hindi Lessons 1-Lite 描述

Hindi Alphabet Language learn Letter India basha telugu marathi gujarati tamil

* Unique, Innovative, first of it's kind
* Level 1 teaches the Alphabets, Phonetic Sounds and Symbols of the alphabets
* Use the iPhone/iPod as the Slate to trace the letters & Symbols
* Saves dozens of hours of teaching and testing time for Parents
* Random Testing feature enables kids to self test the letters, sounds and symbols

7-D Teaching Approach.
Phonetics - enable them to practice correct pronunciation
Writing/Tracing of the Alphabet
Contemporary English examples
Symbols ( Maatras) of the alphabets
Placement of the symbol
Transliteration - what to type in the language editors

2-D Testing Approach
1. Test the Phonetics/Sounds of the alphabets.
2. Test the writing skills of the alphabets

More details can be found at www.aimkara.com

Note: Sounds/Phonetics of some of the alphabets vary slightly based on the which region it is used. We try to stick to the more generic and contemporary usage.

If you find any discrepancies, please inform us directly, info.aimkara@gmail.com

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Hindi Lessons 1-Lite 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 1.5.0 以上
aimkara LLC

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