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HOT 107.3 Jamz HOT 107.3 Jamz HOT 107.3 Jamz HOT 107.3 Jamz

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Never be without your favorite radio station. HOT 107.3 Jamz is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app.
Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features and more!
- New design and interface
- See current and recently played songs and up to date station and local news on a single screen
- Get notifications and single click access to any station promotions or contests
- View station’s YouTube channel without searching or leaving the app (when available)
- Wake up to your favorite station with our alarm clock. Record a personal reminder to play before waking to the station.
- Fall asleep while listening to your favorite station
- Access station's weekly show schedules so you don’t miss a thing
- Real time weather for where you are
- Share our app via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail
- Car Mode provides simple audio controls so you can listen while on the road
从来没有你喜欢的电台。 HOT 107.3 JAMZ是自豪地介绍我们的官方电台的应用程序。
- 新的设计和界面
- 看到当前和最近在一个屏幕上播放的歌曲和最新的工作站和地方新闻
- 获取通知和单一的点击访问任何站点促销或竞赛
- 没有搜索或离开应用程序查看站的YouTube频道(可用时)
- 唤醒你喜欢的频道与我们的闹钟。录制个人提醒醒来的打前站。
- 入睡,同时聆听您喜爱的电台
- 入口站的周报显示时间表,这样你就不会错过任何事情
- 时间实时天气你在哪里
- 通过Facebook,Twitter和电子邮件分享我们的应用程序
- 汽车模式提供了简单的音频控制,所以你可以听,而在路上

HOT 107.3 Jamz 更新内容

Implemented intelligent audio buffering which increases or decreases based on the quality of the data network speed.
Display buffering percentage during stream start.
Stream auto-recovery. Automatically restart audio stream during poor data network speeds.
Minor bug fixes.

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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