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97.9 WRMF The Best Variety Of The 80s, 90s and Today. Featured on WRMF Weekdays: The WRMF Morning Show 6am-9am Dave Brewster 9am-2pm Tracy St. George 2pm-7pm WRMF Music 7pm-6am About WRMF WRMF in West Palm Beach, Fl. is an Adult Top 40 station, featuring today's top hits along with favorites from the 80s and 90s. Kick off your mornings with The WRMF Morning Show 6am-9am. Dave Brewster keeps you going at work with your favorite hits from today and some fun stuff from the 80s and 90s. Then tune in to Tracy St. George on your way home for her mixture of pop culture information and your favorite songs!97.9 WRMF has made it even easier to listen live. But, more than that, you can check out lyrics as the songs play, see artist and album information, discover fresh new music, add favorites, buy songs, and more. The 97.9 WRMF interactive radio player, powered by AirKast, gives you the freedom to listen - and interact - with 97.9 WRMF's programming, anytime and anywhere. No registration required. Listen Live and MoreIn addition to listening live to 97.9 WRMF, you can check out lyrics as the songs play, and see artist and album information. Go ahead and "touch" the CD for full view, rotate it to the back like a real CD, view other songs on the CD, and even read reviews. You can also watch videos and listen to samples of recently played and most popular songs. Did you discover a new song that you like? We've also given you the ability to add to your favorites and buy them on the spot. - Listen live- Check out lyrics as the songs play- See artist and album information- Watch videos- Review recently played and most popular songs- Discover fresh new music- Add to favorites and buy songs

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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