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Billa 2 Billa 2 Billa 2 Billa 2 Billa 2

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Ajith Kumar’s films have always been through great reception and his previous Mankatha became one of the most searched movies in Google for 2011. His upcoming film Billa-2 has already gained more attraction. Ajithfans.com has now launched android application for the film that will bring almost everything about the film Billa-2. The application will allow viewers to download the posters, wallpapers, interesting updates about the film, important event pertaining to the promotion, film’s teasers and attractive downloads. The android application will therefore keep the viewers, especially the fans of Ajith Kumar all across the globe so occupied with everything about the film falling into their palms.
阿吉特·库马尔的电影一直是通过很大的接待和他以前的Mankatha成为搜索最多的电影在谷歌之一,2011年他即将上映的电影BILLA-2已经获得了更多的吸引力。 Ajithfans.com目前已经推出的Andr​​oid应用程序,将带来几乎所有关于电影BILLA-2影片。该应用程序将让观众下载关于电影,关于促进,电影的预告片和有吸引力的下载重要活动海报,壁纸,有趣的更新。因此,Android应用程序将保持观众,阿吉特·库马尔尤其是球迷都隔着那么占领的一切关于电影落入他们的手掌全球。

Billa 2 更新内容

* Save Photos in SD card as Wallpapers
* Zoom in & Zoom out for News
* Left Click - REFRESH button for all pages
Updates will be given at regular intervels. If you have any suggestions feel free and mail to info@ajithfans.com

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