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My mobile Clipounets

My mobile Clipounets

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My mobile Clipounets

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ClipounetsThe best French language awareness tool for your childIntroduce your children to the melodious sounds of the French language with the app :laquo; Mes Clipounets mobilesraquo; (My mobile Clipounets)Clipounets are animated illustrations of classical French nursery rhymes.These popular nursery rhymes are used to develop Language Awareness in France's reputed "Creches and Maternelles (Preschool/playschool)." Clipounets are a great favorite with young children because familiar figures likeFregrave;re Jacques' (Brother John) are funny, lovable characters; the well-known stories are creatively illustrated with humour.A team of musicians, dedicated to offering the best for their tender ears, composed and performed the music. The vocals are by a talented group of adults and children singing solos, duets and chorals, creating rich and varied tracks.To complete the educational experience each Clipounet has a sing-along version which is an initiation to written French. This application as been specially created so that, once downloaded, you can watch the Clipounets offline in a caron a trainwhile waitingThis FREE app comes with 3 Clipounets; you can also choose in Ma Clipouliste from a list of over 50 more. NEW : you can now buy the completequot;Ma Clipouliste" for 4.99 .

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新闻阅读 漫画
Android 2.1.0 以上
AKCS - Clipounets

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