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Alarm Clock Expert Free

Alarm Clock Expert Free

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Alarm Clock Expert Free Alarm Clock Expert Free Alarm Clock Expert Free Alarm Clock Expert Free

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Alarm Clock Expert is the newest, most feature rich alarm clock, made with the assistance of sleep experts, thus providing the best possible wake up experience. Ergonomic design provides smooth easy-to-use user interface combined with vast functionality. Immerse yourself in nature with the built in ambient music mixer by downloading from our ever-growing soundpack collection.Some features of Alarm Clock Expert:- 6 unique types of alarms: 6 unique ways to wake up- stunning, easy to use user interface- unlimited saved alarms- caption of alarms- weekly repeats- ringtones, music and playlists are supported- display custom image on alarm- customizable snooze time- shorten snooze times, maximize repeats- math unlock method- sequence unlock method- 3 unlock difficulties for each method- try alarms before saving- set alarm default- display the time remaining until next alarm- TTS alarm clock reads time, weather and RSS feeds- wake up by the light of your screen- extra long and gentle alarm- brutal alarm that you can not miss- failsafe function- nature soundpacks- relax, quick nap functionsAlarm Clock Expert provides several different ways to wake up:Music alarmMusic is the basic alarm mode, where you can set a ringtone, mp3 or a playlist to be played. Combined with vibration and gently function, which slowly increases the volume, provides quick and casual wake up experience.Soundpack alarmImmerse yourself in nature with the built in ambient music mixer. It combines several sounds randomly to provide you an ultimate natural experience. In this way, the music will be different every time this alarm starts. Swim with whales and dolphins, wake up at the beach, and many more. Our collection is growing by each week.Use “menu/download soundpacks” to download more free/paid natural soundpacks for your application.The same soundpacks can be used by both free and paid versions of Alarm Clock Expert.Super Gentle alarmSuper Gentle wakes you up slowly, first only gentle micro vibrations to bring you back from deep-sleep, then playing increasing volume music or soundpack for smooth wake up. This is one of the most natural ways to wake up. The length of the alarm can be set from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes to ensure you are brought back from deep sleep before the you wake up by the slowly increasing volume of the music. Use this alarm if you do not want to be weary in the mornings.Light alarmLight alarm wakes you up by the light. The screen of your device will be gently pulsating in white color. The idea of this alarm type is to bring you back from deep sleep without any noise and you can wake up freshly. The failsafe option ensures you will not be missing the alarm if the light was not efficient. Please note, not to cover the screen of your device.Brutal alarmEasily fall back asleep? Brutal alarm will not stop for one minute after it has been dismissed. Snooze is not allowed.TTS alarmLet your phone read the time, weather forecast, rss feed and news for you! You can specify a different RSS feed for every alarm, and there are global settings for your location and temperature unit preferences, found in the options menu.The one-click Relax feature helps you fall asleep, meditate, or just have a quick nap. With ease of a few touches you can set up a duration to play music or soundpack, or set an alarm for a short nap.The free version has some limitations considering the alarm types: only Music and Soundpack available to use, but you can try out the other ones aswell, and the Relax function is only usable in the full version.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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