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2^32 Flowers

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2^32 Flowers 2^32 Flowers 2^32 Flowers 2^32 Flowers

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An experimental tool that is able to generate 2^32 different flowers. Every tap on the screen creates a new flower only for you. 2^32 Flowers will last you 1361 years if you take 10 seconds per flower.
But it isn't about seeing them all, 2^32 flowers is about finding your own flower using the "unique" menu entry. Each flower can be called by a special name, so maybe inputting your name will invoke your special flower.
Using the save feature (Menu/Save) you can take a snapshot of this once-in-a-lifetime flower, or you can input any words in the Menu/Unique field to create the flower associated to your name or your favorite word : doing so allows you to recall your own flower every time.
There is a live wallpaper option available in the store for FREE, right now. Check my other apps to find it!
实验工具,能够生成2 ^ 32种不同的花。每一个水龙头在屏幕上创建一个新的花只为你。 2 ^ 32花将持续1361年的每朵花,如果你需要10秒。
但它是不是看到他们,2 ^ 32的花是找到自己的花“独一无二”的菜单项。每朵​​花可以被称为一个特殊的名字,所以也许输入你的名字将调用你的特殊的花。

2^32 Flowers 更新内容

Version 1.3
- Added link to the live wallpaper version!
- Fixed a small bug that caused crashes.
Version 1.2
Now on black! (Use MENU/color theme to switch between the two)
Should also work a little bit faster, and be nice with your phone by telling your contents manager there is a new picture every time you save a flower.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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