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STOP - Read First!
We have a NEWER app. This is the older version of PhantomALERT app. We have a new and improved app you should try. You want the NEW one. Search again for "PhantomALERT NEW" in the market and down load the one marked "NEW". You will love it!
Hate Traffic Tickets? Traffic Jam and Accidents?
Your smartphone is no longer just for calls and navigation, it can save you from costly traffic tickets, gridlock and accidents. Simply download over 400,000+ enforcement and safety locations and transform your device into a virtual radar detector. You will receive Audible and Visual alerts giving you ample time to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. Speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, DUI check points, you will see them before they see you. If you hate traffic tickets, then this is a service for you. The first time it works, it has paid for itself. With PhantomALERT on your GPS or SmartPhone you can drive anywhere in the US or Canada ticket and accident free.
PhantomALERT's database is the largest, most accurate in the world and constantly updated by millions of drivers like you.
No more traffic tickets. Fast & easy download.
Join the millions of satisfied users today!
Use this application while driving to be alerted of PhantomALERT enforcement and safety POIs way in advance.
Alert locations are updated direct to your device by the thousands of likeminded drivers in real time. Dedicated fellow drivers who keep an eye out for danger on the road and give you the heads so you are not surprised. It's truly a community of drivers helping drivers...
AVOID TRAFFIC JAMS. Now you can access straight through your devise over 15,000 real-time traffic camera images shown in an automated manner depending on your current location for the entire USA and Canada. See what traffic looks like before you even hit the road. Plan faster routs and avoid mind numbing traffic jams.
Together we can become safer, alert and ticket free drivers. Join a community of over a million likeminded drivers who are passionate about safety on the roads.
Please consider emailing the CEO at info@PhantomALERT.com for any issues with the application first before rating.
FAQ. Is PhantomALERT legal?
Yes. Its 100% legal and supported by several Police departments.
"Sgt. Tim Burrows, a Toronto traffic officer, says PhantomALERT essentially does the same thing that police do before a photo radar blitz or a crackdown on impaired driving. By advertising the locations of photo radar and check stops, the system encourages its users to avoid drinking and driving, or slow down in the area."
"we are not against them... part of the actual enforcement "DUI" is the campaign to tell people to stop driving while intoxicated ... and we push out information that says where DUI check points will be and an application that tells you is the same thing we already do." Virginia Police
Florida Police support PhantomALERT...
"It provides an alert, which provides awareness to drivers, which could prevent a red light running situation, which could ultimately cause serious bodily injury or even death,"
Bradenton Police Department's Deputy Chief Jeffrey Lewis said "I like PhantomALERT. It's a great program." VA Beach Police
"PhantomALERT is completely legal." Virginia Police
"Police did not have a problem with PhantomALERT" Montgomery, MD Police
"If it is alerting the driver there is camera ahead and actually gets the driver to slow down... be aware of the speed limit and also be aware of the speed limit and also be aware not to run that red light... that's a great idea." New Mexico Police
"Police don't have a problem with it." WTKR
"Local police chief say they have no problem with another way to make drivers more careful." St Louis Police
STOP - 请先阅读!
您的智能手机不再只是电话和导航,它可以为您节省昂贵的交通罚单,交通堵塞和事故。只需下载超过400,000 +执法和安全的位置,并把您的设备变成一个虚拟的雷达探测器。您将收到给你充裕的时间来放慢速度,并注意周围的声音和视觉警报。速度陷阱,冲红灯摄影机,高速摄影机,酒后驾车检查点,你会看到他们之前,他们看到你。如果你恨交通罚单,那么这是一个为您服务。第一次,它的工作原理,它已经为自己支付。随着PhantomALERT您的GPS或智能手机,你可以驾驶任何地方在美国或加拿大的机票和无事故。
常见问题解答。 PhantomALERT法律吗?
是。 100%的法律和由几个警察部门的支持。
佛罗里达州警方的支持PhantomALERT ...
布雷登顿警察局的副局长杰弗里·刘易斯说:“我喜欢PhantomALERT。这是一个伟大的计划。” VA海滩警方
“警方并没有与它的问题。” WTKR

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此版本中的新功能:STOP - Read First!
We have a NEWER app. This is the older version of PhantomALERT app. We have a new and improved app you should try. You want the NEW one. Search again for "PhantomALERT NEW" in the market and down load the one marked "NEW". You will love it!

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