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Allianz WeatherSafe Allianz WeatherSafe Allianz WeatherSafe Allianz WeatherSafe Allianz WeatherSafe

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Allianz WeatherSafe offers reliable weather warnings when you're on the move.
Free from Allianz Insurance, WeatherSafe is your personal weather service with state-of-the-art forecasting including 7-day 3-hourly forecasts for over 2.3 million locations worldwide and personalised severe weather alerts and advice for Allianz customers.
Make Plans
Allianz weatherSafe lets you plan your social life and activities with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the weather won’t put a damper on things.
• 3-hourly forecasts
• 7-day forecasts
• 2.3 million locations worldwide
Protect Your Property
Allianz WeatherSafe also provides a catalogue of simple yet highly effective advice on how to protect your property during severe weather.
Advice for every season, including:
• Heavy Rain/Flooding
• Storms/Strong Winds
• Freezing/Snow/Ice
• Excessive Heat
Extra Features for Allianz Customers
Allianz Customers can also enjoy a range of extra features including:
• Severe weather alerts
• Satellite imaging
• Rainfall radar.
Last year severe weather caused hundreds of millions of damage to property in Ireland alone.
With advance warning you’ll be ready to protect your family your home and your pet from severe weather.
• Receive personalised alerts from up to 3 locations anywhere in Europe
• Change locations at any time
Very convenient if you have a holiday home or are a frequent traveller.
Customer Activation Code
If you are an Allianz policyholder, unlock the full potential of Allianz WeatherSafe by requesting a WeatherSafe activation code:
• Croatian customers visit http://moj.allianz.hr/ for an unique activation code.
• Greek customers visit http://www.allianz.gr for a unique activation code.
• Irish customers visit http://www.allianz.ie for an unique activation code.
• Czech customers visit http://www.allianz.cz/obcane/sluzby/mobilni-aplikace/
Activation code: aktivace-cz

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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