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Truck Stop Power

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A sub version of the #1 paid Trucker app of all time. 100% Made in the USA. It is a free, no ads, no nonsense, tablet ready TSE truck stop electrification app to help you find ONLY Airedock, CabAire, IdleAir, and Shorepower locations. Praise for Truck and Travel: "Top mobile app for truckers: An all-in-one GPS-based transportation app...A highly-customizable search and filter option lets you find almost anything ahead of time."➤CDL Life "Hands down the greatest truck driver resource available now. Seems like they thought of everything but it keeps getting better every month."➤Truck Resources AllStays TSE checks your location and displays all points on a map view. Or get a text list of the nearest points to you right now. You can filter by type to see only what you want to see on the map and zoom out. ➤WHAT'S IN IT: ✔TSE (Truck Stop Electrification) with✔Airedock✔CabAire✔IdleAir✔Shorepower✔Wildwood ➤FEATURES + Search for specific locations around you on a map or even satellite view.+ The map automatically loads points as you scroll.+ Multiple types of icons to help spot things on the map.+ One-touch calling for places that have a phone number listed. In this economy, good idea to call ahead on important stuff.+ One-touch turn-by-turn directions for all POIs. ➤TRUCK STOP DETAILS ✔parking spaces✔diesel lanes✔showers✔restaurant and food options✔internet✔laundry✔scales✔Transflo✔Tripak with pick up times✔game room✔DAT✔dump station✔propane✔Bulk DEF✔tire care✔road service✔service bays✔travel and cb stores✔lounge✔ATMs✔Western Union and check cashing✔UPS and FedEx Questions or requests? Email: apps@allstays.com for a fast and personal reply. If you are not happy with this app for any reason, it doesn't work on your particular phone or whatever, use the app support link or apps@allstays.com. Developers can't reply to reviews.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Google Play提供

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