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"I set a goal of having an income of $180K for the year, effortlessly. My income was $208K. It was effortless. As a bonus, my husband’s income more than doubled. Abundance seems to rub off."
—Molly Sherrick Phifer
“I honestly believe that it is no coincidence that half way through your program I enjoyed a miracle that made me a millionaire overnight—literally." —Robert Dial
"I had a goal of organizing my finances, and after releasing on it I found that my goal really was to allow myself to know my value. In 3 weeks I did more about my finances than I had in 8 months." —Noel Kelly
Who doesn’t want more money now?
Most of us do and that’s exactly what the Letting Go Money Now app is all about. It will guide you, gently but powerfully, into letting go of whatever is standing in the way of creating effortless abundance in your life. The Sedona Method exercises on this app have been helping hundreds of thousands people all over the world for over 35 years. Now you can access select techniques specifically designed to help you dissolve your issues with money, right now, at your fingertips.
LET GO of the emotional baggage that is sabotaging your success with 8 powerful processes divided into 4 short releases of approximately 2 minutes each, and 4 longer releases of about 6 minutes each to suit your needs and your schedule. Use these processes over and over again to gain more benefit and become clearer each time you do.
These releases will help you to:
• Stop sabotaging your own success by dissolving your own personal limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having more money now
• Access the flow of both giving and receiving in order to open the floodgates of abundance
• Put your mind, body and senses into what it feels like to have created what you want for yourself, and then let go of everything that is standing in the way
• Release the resistance and the obstacles that prevent you from taking both simple and outrageous steps to achieve your goals
SCHEDULE specific times throughout your day or week to spend a few minutes letting go.
SURPRISE yourself with the random scheduler so that you can spontaneously let go of what you need to now.
JOURNAL your thoughts, feelings, insights, and the benefits you receive via text, pictures, audio and video to reinforce what you are learning.
SHARE your journal entries on FaceBook and Twitter.
Money does not have to be a negative issue in your life. Now you can let go of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep you from experiencing the abundant life, here and now, that is your true nature.
“我本年度收入$ 180K,毫不费力地设定了一个目标,我的收入是$ 208K,这是毫不费力的,作为奖励,我丈夫的收入增加了一倍以上。丰度似乎擦掉。”
- 莫莉Sherrick菲弗
“我有一个目标,组织我的财政状况,并释放后,我发现我真正的目标是让自己知道我的价值在3个星期,我没有更多的关于我的经济状况比我有8个月。” - 诺埃尔·凯利

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