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Altered Dimensions was created due to our love of the strange, the unusual, and the unexplained. Since the dawn of time Man has been constantly inundated with unanswered questions, mystical puzzles, and strange events. Even in our current day, with our advanced technologies and unequaled access to information, we still don't know all the answers.
So with that in mind, Altered Dimensions was created to assist you in your quest for answers to the many unanswered questions that have been laid before us. While we realize that some questions can never be answered - it never hurts to try...
The AD mobile application is an extension to the Altered Dimensions website giving you quick access to the top paranormal stories and news items of the day. The encyclopedic article database is broken down into 11 categories:
Aliens and UFOs: UFO related including Area 51, the Roswell Crash, and more.
Conspiracy: cover-ups and conspiracies including the Knights Templar, Vril Society, and more.
Creatures: land and water based creatures including Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and more.
Crime: serial killers, gangs, organized crime, and unsolved mysteries including MS 13 Gang, Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam serial killer, and more.
Earth: mysterious earth phenomena including the 1930's Dust Bowl, ball lightning, the Tunguska explosion, and more.
Ghosts: haunted places and things that go bump in the night including the Bell Witch, the Proctor Haunting, Gef the Talking Mongoose, and more.
Mystical: illusions, strange events, and weird happenings including crop circles, the mysterious Keely Machine, Our Lady of the Fatima, and more.
People: unusual people including Michael Jackson, Howard Hughes, Sir Alfred stuck in the airport, and more.
Places: lost civilizations and even some places you can visit today including Atlantis, Fort Knox, Skinwalker Ranch, and more.
Strange: bizarre happenings including the American Lobotomy craze, professional wrestling, the truth about the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, and more.
Vanished: missing people and lost objects including the disappearance of Emelia Earhart, the Elian More Island missing lighthouse keepers, the lost letter, and more.
Future versions of the AD mobile application will include Altered Dimensions' real-time incident reporting system and incident report statistics.
And finally, rather than rolling out a “Pro” version of the application, we implemented a subscription model which allows you to “subscribe”, at an affordable price, to the premium features of the application including up-to-date paranormal news and "premium" paranormal articles that are available to paid subscribers months before they hit the free app. Non subscribers can still access all of the paranormal articles except for the newest "premium" articles (after a few months, the "premium" articles will automatically roll over to the free version).
因此,考虑到这一点,改变尺寸的建立是为了帮助你的追求你的答案摆在我们面前的许多悬而未决的问题,已经奠定。虽然我们认识到,有些问题永远不能回答 - 它绝不会伤害尝试......
犯罪:连环杀手团伙,有组织犯罪,包括MS 13刚,开膛手杰克,的儿子山姆连环杀手,和更多的未解之谜。

Altered Dimensions Paranormal 更新内容

- Fix for "contact us" email for newer clients
- Misc performance enhancements
Other changes
- Added "Latest News" to make it easier to find most recent paranormal news
- Misc bug fixes and additional messaging
- Added "Latest Articles" to make it easier to find most recent paranormal feature articles
- Changed embedding of photo montages to display inline rather than at end of article
- New "Premium" subscription model added.
- Added YouTube video capabilities

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