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Ramzan 2014

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Ramzan 2014 Ramzan 2014 Ramzan 2014 Ramzan 2014

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Ramzan Time Table 2014 app is a gift to all Muslim brothers and sister all over INDIA from Mohseen Alehasan Pathan, Software Engineer from Vadodara Gujarat, We have developed many websites and softwares and also running local search engines like SafalShikha.com and DialinCity.com, Recently Mohseen Pathan had published a website for missing people and lost items named as gumshuda.co.in. Ramzan Time Table 2014 is basically made for people who are travelling for business as in different cities sahari and iftar times are different so they need to carry physical ramzan cards of different cities in this app you just have to select the cities if we have the records of that city it will automatically update according to the selected city.The main thing is automatic alarm for sahari and iftar, no need to on or gps or anything if you have selected the city then automatically at the time of sahari and iftar the app will automatically intimate you by alarm with beautiful azan.We do have dua section in that we will periodically update the different quran duas which will be helpful to you in this holy month.In Time Table section you can see the whole calendar of Ramzan Months. We do have Push Notification facility in this make it on so that we can send you push notifications for important announcements.You can also download this app from www.dialincity.com and www.safalshiksha.comInsha ALLAH every year we will keep updating our app to provide you best content which wil be helpful for you in this holy month.If you wish to add the time table of your city kindly send it to mohsin@virtuasolution.com.You may not find more cities but as we will get data from different cities we will keep adding it into the app.Don’t forget to write reviews and suggestion that will guide us to improve the content and overall app.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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