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Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator Slide Show Creator

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Create slideshows from your photos and add music! SSC is great for sharing photos from a vacation or a celebration with your friends and family. Beautiful or humorous presentations make a wonderful gift. Slide Shows can also promote your products or services. Share your slideshows on YouTube or Facebook! To create a slideshow an Internet connection is required! We recommend using a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Follow us in social networks:Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AximediaSlideShowCreatorGoogle + https://plus.google.com/communities/110306746940484995490Twitter https://twitter.com/aximediaInstagram http://instagram.com/aximedia Use your imagination to create exciting slideshows with pictures of yourself, friends, children, pets, events. Take photos anywhere of anything and everything.Pictures are truly a precious lasting memory spanning many years and even passed on to future generations. What is unique about Aximedia's Slide Show Creator:• With “cloud computing” technology you create and store your slide show "in the cloud", i.e. on our server. This frees up your phone memory and battery power is saved. Videos and slide shows are available from any device via the Internet.• It is easy to share a slide show in social networks and send it to your friends - just send the link! FREE features:• Photo selection: you can add, rotate, rearrange and remove photos • Adding text to a slide picture• Music selection: from Aximedia's online collection or from your device• Set time: per photo, video total length or fit time to soundtrack• Choose transitions between slides• Upload a slideshow to YouTube• Upload a slideshow to Facebook • Download a slide show on your Android device• Send a link to the video via e-mail Additional features:* Remove the Aximedia logo from your slideshow or use our special logos* 480p* 720p HD video 100% unlimited usage in PRO version WARNING:- if you publish your slideshow on Aximedia’s YouTube channel then it becomes accessible for all users on https://www.youtube.com/axiSlideshow.- The application is designed for non-professional purposes. The number of images is limited and depends on the model of your device.- Your uploaded personal photos, music and other files are protected from unauthorized access. We store your files temporarily for 5 days to save repeat uploading the same pictures so you need not upload the same files twice. Supported languages:• English• Russian Input Formats.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png.mp3, .wav Output Formats.mp4 Output Video Resolutions320 x 240 px480 x 320 px640 x 480 px 1280 x 720 px Aximedia's support: support@aximediasoft.comOfficial website: http://www.aximediasoft.com Tags: slideshow, slide show, video editor

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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