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Small Brother Lite

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Small Brother Lite Small Brother Lite Small Brother Lite

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Your personal assistant and calendar reminder manager.

The development of small brother is now suspended for a while. The support of android 4+ is not guaranteed.


The Small Brother is a new convenient way of calendar reminder management. It automatically keeps complete journal of events - call history, sms, photo, video and voice records. It allows to attach an alarm reminder and a note to each of them. To attach an alarm to a just taken photo or a call simply shake your device. You can create events in the journal by sharing them from other apps (e.g. web links, twitter entries, etc.), just click 'Share' button in the application and choose 'The Small Brother' option. Also you can synchronize you Small Brother alarms with your calendar or Evernote application.

This is a The Small Brother Lite version which supports only calls and SMS. The Pro version of Small Brother logs camera shots, voice and video records as well.

Pro version also supports GPS-based alarm. Just set the appropriate coordinates to one of the contexts and you will be reminded when you pass by this location.

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- small bug fixes

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休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.0.0 以上
Andmade Software

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