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Android Wars Lite

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Android Wars Lite Android Wars Lite Android Wars Lite Android Wars Lite

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Locate and run opponents ANDROID clicking on this.To + kill + points. before your opponents attacks, do it or you will void up to 3 hours later, when you can get revenge. Watch your ID once enlisted and form your squad telling your friends to include your ID to enlist. Arm yourself and attack!! News, instructions, tips and overall ranking www.GuerradeANDROID.es SD card requiredBeware when you connect your smartphone to a charger, since the memory card can be disconnected and the game stops working. version 2.1.23 - Solved problem with the display of readiness for discharge of new warriors. - Thanks to the users report problems. - It includes refactoring phase 3. version 2.1.22 - It re-shapes your login screen to small screen terminals (Thanks Jeff for reporting). - Position information is amended in the main to avoid mixing the texts of the field name to the names of the components of the pack. - Phase 2 of the code refactoring to make the application lighter and more fluid. version 2.1Improvements over version 1.4.8 and de-fragmentation of versions. version 2.0.20Enhancements for version 4.0 of android icsRefactoring, performance improvements, and application size.Display disappears ranking position of the lens to remove to speed up the attacks. version 1.9 - Sales of incoming messages. - Disappears later. - Screen Platoon * Beta. - Percentage of attack members of your squad. - Instructions pointing to the website. version 1.8Add tab with link to Facebook.Response / Delete the messages received by long press. CLICK on an ongoing basis until the options are displayed:- Response to the received message (PRO VERSION ONLY).- Delete, delete the message.- Delete all, delete all messages received.We extend the viewing range combat vehicles (questions) so you can attack them at some distance (PRO VERSION ONLY) version 1.6Messaging service is added, send messages to your victims, limited Lite version.Distance in kilometers added to your nearest mission objective, tanks, planes, etc to be able to be alert. version 1.5Killer Warriors modification.Geolocation is deleted automatically. version 1.4World War begins!- Compete with the best warriors android planet.- Now you do more damage from 3 warriors in your squad.- Back button to include geolocation.- Includes several enhancements.- Modified trackball color to green.- Fixed the problem of background.- higher speed in the game (after the update is likely to be delayed due to the amount of people who enter the game).- More information www.guerradeandroid.es

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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