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Jokespedia - this hilarious app is the most comprehensive collection of the best jokes, sayings, poems, riddles, and funny quotes in the English language. You can add your best adages yourself, have them rated by other users and climb up in the ranking. So there is something new to read and chuckle at every day, just in case the 13000 entires weren't enough. Use this app to learn English with a lot of fun.
From the classic Little Johnny jokes to the nasty blonde jokes right through to the old tongue twisters, all the entries are split into over 25 categories.
With this free joke app you'll be the joker at every party. We have the best birthday quotes and pick up lines. No matter whether it's a bloke joke or a girls' gag, it never gets old.
For adults we have the adult jokes section, the dirty jokes, and the Yo Mama jokes categories.
Of course the classic celebrity characters, like Chuck Norris, Bill Clinton, Al Bundy and Barney Stinson, are all in there too.
To tease your friends or your foes, we recommend the professional categories. Whether they're a civil servant, a farmer, a graduate, a student, a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a broker, a footballer or a schoolboy, we have just the thing.
The classical knock knock jokes and light bulb jokes are also included. A separated clean jokes section is available.
For those who like black comedy we have the famous, bar room and stoner collections
As a result of the experiences with the old version and the fantastic user feedback we got, the app has now been completely redeveloped.
The following features are now included:
- Completely new and up-to-date user interface
- Optimized for tablets
- Offline functionality as all the data is stored locally when you first start the app
- Every time you then start the app, only the updates are downloaded, minimizing the data usage
- The new version has been expanded to include the community domain. You can now publish jokes yourself, rate others and report any that are inappropriate
-Points are given for the following: 1 point - giving a rating, 15 points - joke published (and accepted by moderator), 1 point if your joke gets a 3 star rating, 2 points for 4 star rating and 3 points for 5 star rating.
- You can manage your favourites list
- You can easily send jokes to friends via Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
- The app has been tested on more than 30 different phones and tablets
- Racist (against Turks, Jews, Albanians, blacks, and other nations and countries) and strongly offensive entries will be removed by the moderators
Please leave a comment to report any bugs or submit any feedback you have.
Jokespedia - 这热闹程序是最好的笑话,谚语,诗歌,谜语,并且在英语语言搞笑语录最全面的收藏。你可以添加你自己最好的格言,让他们评价其​​他用户,并在排名爬了起来。因此,有一些新的阅读和轻笑在每一天,以防万一13000 entires是不够的。使用这个应用程序来学习英语有很多的乐趣。
- 完全新的和最新的最新用户界面
- 优化的片
- 离线功能,因为所有的数据都存储在本地,当你第一次启动应用程序
- 每一次你再启动应用程序,只下载更新,最大限度地减少数据使用量
- 新的版本已经扩大到包括社会领域。现在,您可以发布自己的笑话,率人并报告任何不恰当
点,给出了以下几点:1点 - 给予评级,15分 - 公布(和主持人接受)的玩笑,1点,如果你的笑话得到一个3星级,2分,5星级4星级和3点评级。
- 您可以管理您的收藏夹列表
- 您可以轻松地通过文本,电子邮件,Facebook,Twitter和Google+的笑话发送给朋友
- 该应用程序已经过测试,在超过30种不同的手机和平板电脑
- 种族主义(反对土耳其人,犹太人,阿尔巴尼亚人,黑人和其他民族和国家),并强烈攻势条目将被版主删除

Jokespedia 更新内容

Server was completly redeveloped. As we got a lot of spam new jokes will be checked first with a spam filter and than manually by a moderator. The result should be the best jokes selection available. Points are given for the following: 1 point - giving a rating, 15 points - joke published (and accepted by moderator), 1 point if your joke gets a 3 star rating, 2 points for 4 star rating and 3 points for 5 star rating.

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