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Anobii Book Scanner

Anobii Book Scanner

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Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner Anobii Book Scanner

Anobii Book Scanner 描述

The new Anobii app gives the possibility to interact with all the Anobii community, which is composed by millions of readers. Here the books lovers can get in touch with other readers, follow what they do, publish book reviews and comments, be part of thousands of discussion groups, see and help in the creation of anobiani chart and quickly communicate with the other participants of the community.
Thanks to Anobii you can also discover which will be your new books. The app gives the possibility to scan the books bar code in order to add them to your shelf or just to look for a book in the wide Anobii database. With this new, intuitive app, you can have the access to all the web site functions, using your mobile devices.
- Follow in real time the community’s activities
- Take part to activities with comments, votes, messages and reviews
- Research function in Anobii database in your own library
- Modify your activities (reviews, votes, books registered in the catalogue, reading state…)
- To draw up the wish list for the next readings
- Real time synchronization between app and the web Anobii profile
- The bar code scan function for the books acquisition, which permit the fast upload of your library
- 实时跟踪社区活动
- 以部分与评论,投票,留言和评论活动
- 在你自己的图书馆Anobii数据库功能研究
- 修改(注册目录中的评论,投票,书籍,阅读状态......)你的活动
- 制定下一个读数的愿望清单
- 应用程序和Web Anobii配置文件之间实时同步
- 对于本本收购,这使你的库的快速上传的条码扫描功能

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生活休闲 小工具
Android 4.0.3 以上

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