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Email support@anttek.com for suggestion/question

App Manager is a powerful utility to manage Android apps, data, and caches. This app is designed specially for rooted devices. It offers several advanced features such as freeze, back up an app, manage application caches. Following is a complete feature list.


* Back up/restore a system or regular apps

* Freeze/defrost a system or regular apps

* Clear cache/data for system or regular apps

* Delete/uninstall a system or regular apps

* Different choices on app filters (system app, third-party apps, running apps, custom text-based filter…), and sort (by app’s size, name)

* One-click to clear system caches, internal caches and sdcard caches (experimental)

* Auto-backup .apk files on installs/updates (no root required)

* One-click .apk file manager

* Explore data, apk directories (require AntTek File Explorer)

We are working in order to add more features, check it out in next releases.


* Android version 2.1-3.0+

* Some features requires Rooted and NAND unlocked device.

Incoming features:

* More choices on clear caches (pre-configured apps, caches)

* Schedule backup

* Back up both app (.apk file) and data (preferences, data)

* Clear data (history, logs…)

* Widget to clear cache


1. What is freezing an app?

Freezing an app is a process that put an app hidden state in Android OS. All data is reserved. Therefore, a frozen app does not use any run-time resource (such as CPU or memory) and consume zero-battery. This option should be chosen if you would keep an app, but do not use it or try to test an alternative app. A frozen app can be defrosted later

2. What is defrosting an app?

This is a revert process of freezing that brings a frozen app back to Android OS. Some apps need reboot your device in order to effectively defrost.

3. What is backing up/restoring an app?

Backing up an app saves a current version of that app source (i.e. .apk file). Currently, backing up data will be supported soon. Restoring an app will overwrite the current app’s version by the backed up version. This option should be chosen if you want to test a new version of an app.

4. Which caches will be cleared?

This app attempts (I said attempt) to remove different caches on your devices. Currently, App Manager {root} supports three options: clear system caches, clear caches on internal storage and clear caches on SD card. There options can be enabled/disabled from setting button on Overview tab.

For further question, please leave a comment or contact our support team support@anttek.com

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AntTek App Manager 更新内容


v 1.1

- Fix Force close on landscape view

v. 0.99

- Add Market, detail link

- Explore data dir, apk dir (root only)

v. 0.98

- auto-backup

- one-click apk manager

v. 0.96

- Fixed minor bugs

v. 0.95

- Fixed FC on HTC Hero







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AntTek App Manager 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 2.0.1 以上

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