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New Gaia Solar System

New Gaia Solar System

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New Gaia Solar System 截图

New Gaia Solar System New Gaia Solar System New Gaia Solar System

New Gaia Solar System 描述

Discover an enchanting and customizable solar system in this live wallpaper.

Other Earth-like planets are out there somewhere. New Gaia is our vision of such an extraterrestrial solar system. This fictional system comes from our imagination to your smartphone.


We design our wallpapers to be useable, subtle and alive. Instead of going for dazzling eye-blistering displays of effects, we opt for a more detailed approach with subtle but high impact scenes. The purpose of all our live wallpapers is to provide a living and beautiful scene, without overpowering your smartphones desktop. Our scenes are made from our own artwork, rendered in high resolution true 3D then converted to the most accurate forms for compatibility across various devices.

Top quality content at low prices (or free), thats how we roll.


- Custom and spectacular space-based artwork, specifically created for this wallpaper

- Highly configurable, adjust the scene to your liking

- Choose between various deep space backgrounds
- Choice of interstellar clouds
- Local space vessels
- Dynamic far asteroids and closer asteroids (from v1.3 they now collide)
- Contains various deep space options, ranging from dust clouds to stunning nebulae

- Battery considerate coding.

- Completely Ad-Free, doesn't require or desire any special permissions. No nonsense.

- Requires a minimum screen size of 320 x 480 and supports screens up to 480 x 854.

(We're working on supporting smaller screens and latest tablet sizes, so they will be supported in future updates)

Any problems or suggestions/ideas, please feel free to contact us and we'll do what we can to make them a reality - thanks for the kind feedback. v1.3 implements a few of the suggestions we've received to date.

New Gaia Solar System 更新内容


Changes for v1.3

Important: If after updating the wallpaper doesn't work, please uninstall and download the fresh updated version, this is due to a glitch thats outside our control.

- SD Card Support

- Different backgrounds

- Asteroids can now collide

- Optional Space Station, Shuttle, skylab, Mars global surveyor, Voyager probe and of course, Hubble.

- Increased view space through parallaxing view (auto pans when previewing)

- Greatly improved code efficiency

New Gaia Solar System 历史版本

New Gaia Solar System 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.2.x 以上
Apocalyptic Equilibrium

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