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Super Embroidery Screen Print

Super Embroidery Screen Print

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Super Embroidery and Screenprinting, Superemb, is a Wholesale company for decorated apparel. In other words we Print T-shirts! We also embroider clothing, polo’s, hats, jackets, bags, uniforms and more.   DTG or Direct to garment printing and vinyl cutting for windows , numbers and names on jerseys.
Having the tools you need to sell apparel is at your fingertips with the Superemb App.
With this Super app you can pick out PMS colors or thread colors,  place an order, send us a photo or artwork to start an order you can send it to us to get expert advice on stitch counts, number of colors and costs so you may serve your customers better.  We have it all here to help your business run more efficiently. Check out our Preferred Broker price lists. These are NET pricing and for reseller, manufacturers and clothing lines. Speaking of clothing lines, let us help you start one!
If you do not like typing then go ahead and tell us what you want and your “voice mail”  will be emailed directly to us.
Lots of handy links to the industry so you may order your shirts from San Mar under PSST shipping. That mean all shipments from San Mar to Super no matter what the size will be free shipping. Ordering from McCreary’s Tees?   We pick up for free twice a day for you. Time on your hands, read Stitches Magazine from our links.
Super will provide you with Tips and tricks, updates, push notifications if you would like and specials to keep you leading the pack for decorated apparel.
Super Embroidery and Screen printing has been leading the industry since 1988 and look forward to leading  you to the best printed shirts and embroidered garments on the planet. Anna Johnson owner believes that quality and customers service is what has helped make Super Embroidery and Screenprinting so successful for over 24 years.
We are here to help educate you if you are new in the business. If you have been  in the business for years then give us a try and see why
“We make YOU look good”.
We cater to ASI, Sage, APPAI, AZPPA, Brokers, Screen Printers, Embroiderers, Retail outlets, Manufactures,  Licensed Sport companies such as Reebok, Nike, VF Wear, small businesses and large corporations. From 6 pieces to 20,000 give us a call for the answers you need.

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