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Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE)

Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE)

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Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE) Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE) Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE) Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE)

Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE) 描述

FLORIDA FANTASY 5 is an easy-to-use app for checking the latest or previous winning numbers for the Florida Fantasy 5 lottery drawing held daily.
- Get the latest winning numbers wherever you are and determine how much you've won (adjusts to current payouts). There is no need to go through all your numbers anymore and compare what you've won, this app does all the work for you.
- Customized touch-based screen input allows you to enter all your number quickly. It's faster and more efficient than keyboard input or unreliable OCR
- Draw date is automatically set to the most recent drawing date for your convenience but you can still check previous drawings
Every attempt is made to ensure that the Winning numbers is accurate. Thank you for supporting us. We will continue enhancing the app to make it better, please give us your feedback. Enjoy the free version.
Full version without try limits also available.

Florida Fantasy 5 (FREE) 更新内容

Fixed retrieval errors that were preventing the app from working.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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