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OneRecovery Meeting Finder

OneRecovery Meeting Finder

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OneRecovery Meeting Finder OneRecovery Meeting Finder OneRecovery Meeting Finder OneRecovery Meeting Finder OneRecovery Meeting Finder

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The most comprehensive & easy to use 12-Step Program meeting finder. Our Meeting Finder gives you the power to... > Find meetings across the U.S. in seconds.> Find a meeting for any one of the top 12-Step programs: AA, Al-Anon, CA, CMA, CODA, DA, EDA, GA, MA, NA, NicA, OA > Use your current location or search by city or zip code.> Find the meeting you want. E.g. open/closed, men/women only, etc.> Add meetings to your calendar.> Map meetings and get directions.> Share meetings with others via text or email. *****************OneRecovery™ is a brand within OneHealth Solutions, Inc. Our products are uniquely built by people dedicated to helping people change behavior and lead healthier lives. In addition to our meeting finder application, OneHealth offers a supportive space for members to connect with people who understand, share stories and support one another as they set and achieve their personal health goals. OneHealth is the first comprehensive online community specifically designed to help people change their behavior and lead healthier lives. Through Social Solutioning, a term that represents the next-generation capabilities of current social networking websites, OneHealth facilitates trusted connections and accountability to measurably improve the health and well-being of its members. *****************We currently cover the following programs and are continually expanding: AA: Alcoholics AnonymousAl-AnonCA: Cocaine AnonymousCMA: Crystal Meth AnonymousCODA: Co-Dependents AnonymousDA: Debtors AnonymousEDA: Eating Disorders AnonymousGA: Gamblers AnonymousMA: Marijuana AnonymousNA: Narcotics AnonymousNicA: Nicotine AnonymousOA: Overeaters Anonymous *****************NOTE: The comprehensive meetings database is fairly large. Be patient when installing it! Smaller-storage phones may need to clear some space by moving applications to the installed SD card or removing unused applications. We will be fixing this problem in future versions! *****************

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